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I tell stories. I tell digital stories that put businesses ahead of their competitors because everyone knows that image is everything and SEO can only get them there; not get them to stay. I tell stories that move your soul; that bring people closer to something greater than themselves. I’m a Spiritual Coach, a Business Coach, I help people organize their life – sometimes with the help from goods in my Apothecary. I share valuable knowledge that you can take to make your life or business (or both) better!

Photography & Imagery

As a professional photographer, trained by the best in Germany while living abroad, I bring culture and feeling to my imagery work.

Account Management

I'm that freelancer you need in your back pocket to create an email campaign to boost sales, that web designer to create a catching landing page, that social media manager to plan your marketing plan.

Business Design Strategist

From web management to professional photography, I create business content for clients looking to tell a story their competitors don't know how to tell. SEO is useless if the visual doesn't attract them.


What I Can Do For You

I have been actively studying and practicing design for 15 years. I incorporated marketing in the mix a decade ago. The merging of both design and marketing was the beginning of my business as it took off, offering eye catching branding with the focus being design that guides the process. It all starts with a visual. You need someone to be able to see and understand your vision. Most marketing companies do not have the ability to take your visual and make it better. They change it to suite their definition of beauty.

Beauty is in deed in the eye of the beholder; design is a definition of beauty. I have lived, studied, and worked all over the world. The culture, experience, and humility I have learned enables me to set aside my viewpoint of beauty and instead see the beauty another sees. I then develop it into the visionary art that it deserves to be.

Let’s narrow down your vision. How do you see your brand? Let’s expand that and make a plan. I’ll develop the digital blueprint, you help fine-tune it, and then we make a plan.

Photography is an art form. Long gone are the days of dated backdrops in a large room with blinding lights and direct posing. Humanity longs for meaning now. They long to express and feel the expressions of others. They want to understand and feel emotion when looking at an image. Let us sit down with a drink of choice, while we talk about you and what you want to capture in your photo session with me. 

As you will hear often: beauty Design is in the eye of the beholder. We will work together to create graphics that will deliver the results you want to see, whether it be social media ads, email marketing designs, flyers, banners – the options are endless! Let’s design!

I do a wide range of web development for my clients based on their needs. I have sites I manage from start to finish, from the creating of the site to customizing the SEO and content throughout. Learn more!

Astrology, in fact, is the most curious mixture of the scientific and mystical that has ever existed, which is why it is attacked by both camps (Christianity & Atheism). However, this is also why astrology is so valuable, because only through a blending of these two ideals will the human race come to a balanced understanding of the universe and of itself.

Whether you are a parent feeling like you are losing your mind, or an adult needing guidance on what your purpose is here on earth, there are a few things me and my team are educated and experienced in enough to confidently attempt to help you. You are NOT alone.

The Digital Storyteller

Shaunna K

I am just a girl who loves being kind. I love to listen to everything around me. I would much rather be on my porch, wrapped up in a plaid blanket that reminds me of Christmas, with a warm cup of Hot Toddy, looking out amongst the Cascades, a view I cherish. I live in a farmhouse with my husband and three children here in Oregon. It is true; everything about the Pacific Northwest is magical. The smell, the wind, the scenery, and the feeling of that magic will engulf your every moment here. It is here where I am inspired every day and able to see a story behind every scene.

Some Favorite Rituals

My Digital Rituals

Design is in EVERYTHING in life. It's in businesses, products, photography, real estate and more. I look at photography as where life begins. This is a ritual that soothes my inner passion. I offer it at major discounts and take on a very limited amount of clients throughout the year. When you feel so passionately about an art such as this, sometimes the worst thing you could do it make your hobby your “job” in fear that you might lose that passion.

Plant-Based Fast Weight Loss Ritual

Losing weight as a woman with Neuropathy, Osteoarthritis, and degenerative disc disease was one of the hardest things I had to learn. Yes, learn. It was in deed a ritual. I was limited when it came to working out. So what does one do when they can’t really do cardio? Well, I found this plant-based diet that worked. It became a ritual I return to often when I need to lose any weight, get healthy, clean/heal my gut and so much more.

The Girl & Her Tea

Tea drinking is a ritual for those of us who desire to pursue healing and transformations of our minds, bodies and souls. I sought out functional teas almost a decade ago and started sharing my research with the world. I learned about Mitragyna speciosa and grew a passion for this taboo tree that most had never heard of. I dedicated a big chunk of my free time to studying and learning about the functional teas available that have helped transform my life in such a massive way.


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