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My team and I offer three different types of services that also work together for small to medium size businesses.


Shaunna collaborates one-on-one with clients to create beautifully designed visual identities, print collateral, and websites to help you elevate your marketing and draw people into your idea. Visual branding is what brings your brand to life. I’m proud to offer four different branding packages for different budgets and needs. Please feel free to get in touch if questions arise or if you would like to create a custom package unique for your company. Thank you for the opportunity to share what I do with you!


The reason photography is so important is primarily because people are generally not very good at describing things they see. Therefore, photography can be implemented in so many things such as for businesses, products, lifestyle, real estate and so much more. We look at photography as where life begins. We ask you a series of questions about yourself in order to create a plan that will capture story you are wanting to tell.

Social Media.

We can create a customized social media strategy built on tracking engagement and analyzing data to find and maintain your target audience. If you’re just getting started building your business’ social media presence, we can set up and customize all of your bios, profiles, and pages and create engaging regular content, including personality-infused copy written posts and beautifully created branded graphics. We create the campaign, then schedule, monitor, and report on it, all you have to do is approve the content!

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If you want to learn more, directly from Shaunna K, let’s schedule a meet up via virtual meeting, email, or phone call.

An Oregonian Digital Storyteller

I am just a girl who loves being kind. I love to listen to everything around me. I would much rather be on my porch, wrapped up in a plaid blanket that reminds me of Christmas, with a warm cup of Hot Toddy, looking out amongst the Cascades, a view I cherish. I live in a farmhouse with my husband and three children here in Oregon. It is true; everything about the Pacific Northwest is magical. The smell, the wind, the scenery, and the feeling of that magic will engulf your every moment here. It is here where I am inspired every day and able to see a story behind every scene.

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@theshaunnak is an amazing marketing partner! From strategic advising to content creation – she’s an integral part of our brand outreach! Highly recommend for any business looking to create great content and engage new customers.”

Top Tree Herb

Shaunna K’s Alternative Medicine

I am a huge supporter of alternative, natural medicine that Mother Nature provides. I study and research the ones that I incorporate into my life. CBD, Marijuana and kratom have all been alternatives that have impacted periods of my life in a positive ways.