“A ritual is a genuine ceremony consisting of actions performed according to a prescribed order.”

A ritual, for me, is the act of many of my mundane tasks that I take great care and enjoyment doing.

Favorite Rituals

My Digital Rituals

People are generally not very good at describing things they see. Therefore, photography can be implemented in so many things such as for businesses, products, lifestyle, real estate and so much more. I look at photography as where life begins. This is a ritual that soothes my inner passion. I offer it at major discounts and take on a very limited amount of clients throughout the year because I refuse to make this hobby a career. When you feel so passionately about an art such as this, sometimes the worst thing you could do it make it your “job” in fear that you might lose that passion.

Plant-Based Fast Weight Loss Ritual

Losing weight as a woman with fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease was one of the hardest things I had to learn. Yes, learn. It was in deed a ritual. I was limited when it came to working out. So what does one do when they can’t really do cardio? Well, I found this plant-based diet that worked. It became a ritual I return to often when I need to lose any weight.

The Girl & Her Tea

Tea drinking is a ritual for those of us who desire to pursue healing and transformations of our minds, bodies and souls. I sought out kratom tea almost a decade ago and started sharing my research with the world. Soon my fans nicknamed me “Kratom Girl” because of my passion for this taboo tree that most had never heard of. I then dedicated a big chunk of my free time to studying and learning about the functional teas available that have helped transform my life in such a massive way–Not really regarding weight loss, but rather the process of getting my mind and soul in shape.

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The Digital Storyteller

Shaunna K

I am just a girl who loves being kind. I love to listen to everything around me. I would much rather be on my porch, wrapped up in a plaid blanket that reminds me of Christmas, with a warm cup of Hot Toddy, looking out amongst the Cascades, a view I cherish. I live in a farmhouse with my husband and three children here in Oregon. It is true; everything about the Pacific Northwest is magical. The smell, the wind, the scenery, and the feeling of that magic will engulf your every moment here. It is here where I am inspired every day and able to see a story behind every scene.