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I am the owner and creator of The Shaunna K Co (LLC) that serves individuals and businesses alike, all for the love of beauty. From professional photography, capturing the essence of you to branding and design for companies. I am here to help you on achieving your dreams and creating your visions. I am also a Spiritual Coach and Alchemist only for those seeking something greater than themselves. 

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I will listen to your vision you have for your brand and create what I believe to be a beautiful and clear representation of the image you wish to share with the world.

Marketing Materials

I'm that freelancer you need in your back pocket to create an email campaign to boost sales, that web designer to create a catching landing page, or that on call person to throw a graphic ad together.

Social Media Influencing

Shaunna K has created an online persona of herself that thousands of people follow and love. Let her represent your brand in the most affective marketing way.


As a professional photographer, trained by the best in Germany while living abroad, I bring culture and feeling to my imagery work.

Website Design

I do a wide range of web development for my clients based on their needs. I have sites I manage from start to finish, from the creating of the site to customizing the SEO and content throughout. Learn more!

Business Coaching

Do you dream of starting your own brand but don't know where to begin? Do you want to become an influencer? Let Shaunna coach you on your journey!

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What is Shaunna K Co

Watch the video where I talk about everything Shaunna K Co is involved in and how I can help you!


Spiritual Coaching

There are energies in this world that far expand what our little human brains can fathom. I am here to help guide you along the way of life. I teach you rituals that will move your soul to it’s highest potential; that bring people closer to something greater than themselves.



Earth is full of natural plants and creations that were put here on earth to serve us while we care for it. From the ancient Blue Lotus flower to tropical mood enhancing teas, enter Shaunna’s apothecary to discover nature’s finest medicine and beauty products.


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Enter my Apothecary to find oils, potions, serums, and more natural products that I make by hand.

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