“The Butthurt Blend”

June 29, 2016


Introducing the “Butthurt” blend! It is a combination of Mean Green Elephant, Super Maeng Da and Green Jawi. With two teaspoons, I was ready to jump in bed and go straight to sleep within 20 minutes. These strains combined are from Fisher Botanicals and Discussion. This combination relaxes you and puts you straight to sleep, pain free, mind turned off while you float away to lala land. I gave this “joke” combination away on my FB group for fun. The “Butthurt” blend was created as a funny, making fun of those that get butthurt and simply need to chiiiiillllllll maaaaannnnnn. Go to my FB group and click on “Discussion” under the group name at the top. That should link you to the “pinned” posts, which will include the special video created for this blend.

Now remember to CHILL and RELAX! Life is short. There is no time to let negative things linger in our minds. Keep your filter strong!


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