A Painful Day

July 1, 2016

Living with chronic pain, you get these days that I call “Fuck Days”. It’s not what you would think…..it’s not that fun, plus my husband is a busy man. Fuck Days are days when “FUCK! I can’t move! I dont want to move! I want to be lazy and call in sick and forget I’m a mom”–Those kind of days. Well, being a Marketing Director and a wife to an alpha male, AND a mom to two crazy energetic kids….this days are simply not allowed. Therefore, I RUN to kratom to get them going. Before I would run to my pain killers, but thankfully now I can take some good ol herbs and get tripple the benefits.

Today, on an empty stomach, I took two teaspoons of kratom: One teaspoon of Viet White and one teaspoon of Bentuangie. The energy came before the pain relief. 10 minutes to get the bursting energy, 15 minutes to get the mental upper boost of positivity, and 30 minutes to get the pain relief; and now I can go about my day.

So if you ever have a “Fuck Day”, I suggest this blend.


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