The Search for the Perfect Vendor

July 5, 2016

It’s almost nerve racking trying kratom and figuring out what works best for you and which vendor you stick with. Money is always a factor. I don’t know about you, but for me, money isn’t flowing my direction daily, saying “Spend me!” in the wind. I have tried countless vendors and read countless reviews; and it always seems like someone new is discovering a strain that is unlike any other. Your search for the perfect vendor is never ending. I am finally realizing that there is no perfect strain or vendor. You ultimately have to figure out what works best and these are my suggested steps:

  1. Try/sample at least five vendors and ask THEM to tell you what is their best seller(s). I think it’s also smart to try the same strain from different vendors to see how it compares. This way you can narrow down which vendor is buying from the close to best supplier.
  2. Try all colors of strains because every body is different. Whites are known to be energizing, but there are some people that say Reds work better for energizing.
  3. Don’t go for the enhanced kratom unless you have been using “regular” kratom for months to a year. The reason for this is to avoid your body getting a high tolerance for kratom too soon and you having to take more to get an effect. There is nothing our body consumes on a regular basis that it does not become needy to eventually.
  4. Sometimes quality comes with a price. Some vendors know their shit is good so they charge more. Sometimes in order to get a good quality strain, you have to pay a little bit extra.
  5. Find a stopping point or you’ll go mad. Im just about at that point where I’m going insane. I have tried ten vendors and countless strains I cannot even remember! I have them stocking up in my drawer, giving them away to friends to try (those strains that just didn’t cut it for me). Eventually you have to pick and decide what you are going to stick with. Now for me, it will most likely be two vendors, and only them having a certain strain that works for me. I will soon be revealing my top three vendors and strains once I finalize my opinion of these last few samples. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
  6. RESIST getting caught up in a user’s review of amazing benefits and success. Remember that our bodies react different to things and what is AMAZING to one person might be blah to another.


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