Effects Are In the Mouths of the Intakers

July 9, 2016

You know the phrase, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”? Well, the equivalent for kratom is “The effects are in the mouths of the intakers.” I know, corny–but whatever, you get my point. Reviewing kratom for others is a catch 22. As I continue to review new strains, I find myself reacting differently then the common user (based on other reviews and feedback). It is not that there are no effects, just rather different ones.

What I would LOVE from those who do view and try the same strain, to please reply with your own take on it, how it effected you, etc. This way I might be able to narrow down if I honestly just have an OBVIOUS different body then the majority (yeah I know, a given, but there are “average” ratings on things. I might not be the “average”).

Dodge Ball! — I strive to live my life with humility and an open mind. I know I have it far from together and that there are ALWAYS room for me to learn something new or change something I should change. Unfortunately because I am very excepting and honest, I am not often given that back in return. I give patience, I expect patience back. I give forgiveness and understanding, I expect it back. But that is not the way life goes. You have to secure in who you are and ignore that fact that most likely you are one of the rare few good people left in this world.

Dodge Ball past.




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