Overcoming Addiction

July 14, 2016

For whatever reason, life has never failed to throw me hard ass balls my way, aiming for not so pleasant areas. After I’m done healing from one internal bleeding injury, here comes another one. Most of you probably can relate. It’s called “life”. You cannot have good without evil. You cannot know happiness without knowing pain. So WHY are addicts often times looked down upon? We are always trying to cover something that causes us pain, whether it be memories, stress, or situations we feel we cannot avoid or overcome. Some turn to God (kudos), some turn to self-pride (Yoga, “Im worth so much more!” etc), and then they’re those who turn to drugs; whether it be prescriptions or street, legal or illegal. To me they are one and the same. We don’t look down upon an arrogant ass who loves them self. The average person says “Good for you!” and then talks shit when they’re not around. Self empowerment is becoming a “thing”, while addicts are always weak and judged. Oddly enough, most addicts I have run across are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. We all feel and handle pain differently. Period.

When my mother died, I desperately sought out anything that could take away my pain. Living with neuropathy gave me the unfortunate easy access to narcotics and the happy feeling I received taking them (on top of pain relief) seemed to be answer to prayer to cover my newly acquired pain. After a few months of memory loss, embarrassing moments and lifetime regrettable actions….I had to find something else, something safe. Besides being a committed Christian and praying and distracting myself with my family and busying myself in work and hobbies….I turned to God given plants to cure some physical and mental issues. THANK-YOU!


Did kratom deliver the EXACT same mental effects that narcotics did? No. Somewhat? Yes. Most on some facebook groups that I follow never admit that they take kratom for the sheer desire of obtaining that mental high. That day never comes when they achieve that. Taking Kratom for me is like taking a massive dose of the BEST anti depressant out there! Thats it. That is what kratom does for me mentally and I LOVE THAT! That is exactly what I needed and that is EXACTLY what any addict needs, whether they admit to it yet or not. If they don’t give up, if they keep being strong and resisting a relapse, they will soon come to realize that that is the feeling they get. When you have that joyful, happy emotion, then you truly come to appreciate what kratom is and what it does, not only for mental pain but also physical pain.

Now….this is about “addictions”, not people living in pain; which is the other group of people taking kratom. I fall into both categories (unfortunately). We can talk about pain control/relief in another post 🙂   Stay tuuuuuuuuuned.


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