Overcoming Pain

July 15, 2016

The last part of the two part series: Overcoming.

The other reason I take kratom is for the severe pain I live with on a daily basis. It’s not easy living with pain. Those that have never had CONSTANT pain for days/weeks/months have NO IDEA how much that fucks up one’s mind. When I went down to see my mom during her last days here on earth, I had to push forward my neck surgery in order to see her. So I was in MASSIVE pain. My disc was bulging and my nerve was constantly being pinched (until surgery could release it), but my mother was priority. I had to live on narcotics heavily during those days just to TRY to survive without screaming and crying. Pain can mess with a person as it did me. I now live with nerve damage that is only spreading as I age. My neck gets sore often because, hey, I have to live life! I have to drive and those sudden quick turns of my neck to check if a car is coming as I turn is unavoidable. I can’t live the rest of my life in a neck brace. Metal is screwed into my body….. I’ve accepted the chronic pain for life, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t pursue holistic ways to get through it better….and kratom is that “better”.

The other group of people who take kratom is to manage their pain. It is AMAZING when it comes to treating that. It is like marijuana. These plants work wonders for one’s health and it’s a shame that they are not fully welcomed by the world. The legality of pot in Colorado has made the sales of prescription drugs go down. Awe, sorry, pharmaceuticals. This is exposing some skeletons that I will not even go into. I’m sure many of you can read my mind…..

During my work hours, kratom is a must as I sit at my desk being responsible for creating content. Keeps me focused, it manages my pain, which manages my mood, which keeps my creative mind turning to market. Now, some may need it to help them sleep or give them energy, but those types of users are less common but they’re out there.

I encourage you all to take kratom moderately and only as needed. You can overdo anything in life. I used to over reading…. I got nothing done.


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