The Amazing Red Maeng Da

July 15, 2016

Talk about a wowza….. Top fav for sure, no doubt, bar none… Just might be my all time fav. I just might have discovered something spectacular! I just might have FINALLY narrowed down which color works for me! And it is RED!

Not surprised that it came from a top vendor, Billy at The Weaver Tree. He frequently delivers quality kratom. consistency is very important for me. I get it that bad batches happen, but they should be far and in between (or change the supplier!).


I brought it to work with me over any of the other strains I have. I had not yet tried it, so that was my plan today! At work…to try something new… Maybe not the smartest thing I’ve done, but hey–live and learn. Fortunately, it turned out to be amazing! I took two teaspoons of Red Maeng Da and within five minutes (faster than any other strain I have tried), I felt a euphoric uplift first and then five more minutes later I got the pain relief I needed for my discs and throbbing neck. Best of all, the effects lasted for three hours, consistantly and then tappered off slowly.

Every time I get close to posting my top favs, I have to go back and edit it…. Hmmm….. Could there really be a better strain then this one? It’s making me question everything now!



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