The Support of Professionals

July 18, 2016

After the days when Thomas Jefferson enjoyed a bowl, relaxing in his leather chair while hemp grew around his plantation and was used to create the paper that the constitution was written on…..the FDA sought out on a mission to desecrate all that was good about marijuana. They took the professionalism away from it because of most likely a few rare cases where idiots abused it, which resulted in the change of image it had and represented. That is what I see with kratom….. It is NOT well known, which some will say is a good thing, but I say–it’s bad.

When you want a kitchen redone, you call in a “professional” to tackle the job, right? Professionals are people that are taken serious, that are relied upon to do a job, represent a job, etc. If you are trying to market your product (for example), would you rather a man in a suit and tie represent it or Cheech and Chong? Which one would win over the judges from the Shark Tank show? Probably neither, but that’s not my point!


We live in a world where we are judged upon appearance. That will never change, no matter how wrong that is. We profile everyone. Cops and military are trained to profile people (yes, yes they are). We need more professionals to represent the causes we care about. If we are people in a position to do so, then I encourage you to stand up to the position, for I am. If you give kratom a good name, if society sees responsible, accomplished people utilizing kratom and functioning as a respectable citizen, they will have nothing negative to base their judgement on. My mother always said, “Be above reproach”. I grew up with that phrase instilled in my mind…. “Do not give anyone a reason to speak ill of you or look down upon you.”

We need the support from people in high places to get kratom looking good. We need the right people backing this up. Otherwise, we can always just keep it to ourselves as a hidden gem. Whichever.

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