The Bestest Strains for Me

July 19, 2016

Based on the five months I have been studying kratom, I have learned that each color of kratom treats people in different ways. Very few feel zero effects and very few feel the same effects for all strains. The average person follows the below statistics:


But for me, I’m a tad bit different. Green only helps me focus better. No mood lift and barely any pain relief. White gives me moderate energy, covers most of my pain and makes me talkative. Last, red KILLS my pain, relaxes my mind and makes me feel gooooooooooooooood, maaaaaannnnnn; and gets me motivated and excited to tackle tasks and get shit done! This goes back to what I always say: We are all different! Our bodies react differently (sometimes) and what works a certain way for one person might not work that same way for another. It’s important to test out one ounce of as many different kinds of kratom as you can. This way you are sure to narrow down what works for you so you can purchase the best strain for your unique body.

Now, I am SURE I have not tried EVERYTHING there is out there! I’m certain of that. BUT I have tried a lot. I finally narrowed down that red is the color of kratom my body accepts and benefits from the most.

Here are some top rated strains that you can find from most vendors:

purchase kratom

Would you agree with these ratings? I know I don’t, but its a great reference for the majority, so you’re welcome 🙂

Ok, now for my top favorite strains, what exactly they do for me and why I take them:

  1. Red MD – The very best for me because it increases positivity and motivates me to get shit done. My pain is numbed and my mood is relaxed yet energized (makes sense? lol Sorry). It energizes my mind but not necessarily my body; but an energized mind motivates and often time creates an energized body. I could either run a marathon OR take a nap. It’s hard for me to explain, but I’m trying! I’m happy and nothing bothers me. Makes sense why this would be a favorite, huh?
  2. Butterfly Blend (Special blend by Kaleidoscope) -I don’t know what she mixes in it, but I’m sure she adds reds with some awesomeness and maybe a pinch of pizazz. This ones gives me a bit more physical energy than the Red MD, a little less concentration, and about the same when it comes to motivation and positivity/mood enhancement.
  3. Viet White Enhanced (Special from Wicked Kratom) – Energy! Positive energy that I desperately need on some days that my mind is just slow, causing my body to go slow, and making me feel like a lazy ass. Concentration is kinda out the window with this one, but where that lacks, my speedy and energy flows–replacing it with pure drive, talking a mile a minute and probably asking the same question multiple times. Sexually stimulating, I am very much in the mood for as long as my husband can keep up if available to wrestle.
  4. Confetti (Special blend from Wicked Kratom) – Chill, relaxed, “yo-man this is the shitzat” kind of blend. Definitely don’t feel like I’m the smartest, but then I don’t really care that much when I dose with this one. I’m relaxing on the couch, watching a good show with my husband with a permanent smile on my face.
  5. White Magic – Mas energy! Not huge on motivated energy, but more of a shaky energy. For the most part Viet White Enhanced has replaced this one in ranking because of the additional benefits that has, but this is still a good one when I’m out and about (I store it at work when I need an extra boost).

In the past I have dabbled with kratom strains, blending this and that with that or this, etc. I ended up creating an AWESOME sleepy time one that knocks you out. I don’t have any issues sleeping, so I offered this one for a giveaway on my facebook group. I designed the logo and my partner in crime, Zac Thomas, helped write up the details of it. Butthurt people inspired us. See, everyone has a purpose in life….even the douchebags.

Where was I going with that? —– OH yeah… chemistry, mixing kratom… I did it again with some samples from Greg Hernandez, a kratom vendor, and created an AWESOME super strong pain relieving blend. Therefore, I am going to practice my blending gift and blend some more. I have A LOT of extra kratom because I sample so many. I might as well start experimenting with these too and see what else I can create! Maybe I will create the first Women’s Libido Enhancing Blend! (No one steal this idea!).

Here are some notes I’ll share with you all on blending strains:


Didn’t make sense? Good! I don’t need you becoming “Blenders” too, then I’ll have competition 😉

Lastly, if you need a recommendation on when to take kratom, what to take for a specific thing you’re doing throughout the day, I find the chart below to be quite helpful. I stole this from Happy Hippo.


Is my research journey over? Nope. I am going to put my focus in trying out my favorite strains from my favorite vendors and see if there is any difference. The special blends of course I won’t be able to try elsewhere (Smart business people!), but the Red MD can be purchased by many vendors and I want to find out who has the BEST quality!

Cheers, everyone! Hope you’re all having a wonderful, productive week. Muah!


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