I Need a Guinea Pig

July 20, 2016

I have a friend who likes to pull my heart strings, test my knowledge, and make me think. We all need friends like that. She brought to my knowledge some issues she noticed with vendors….and I 100% agreed.

With sites like Coastline Kratom that is clean, organized, professional looking and somewhat affordable, why should customers shop our favorite vendors? Do they really have better quality? Do they really offer the best price? Are they good at responding to orders or emails? Is shipping reasonable? Is it worth ANY hassle to stick with what we have known and stood by for a while now? There are a couple vendors with AMAZING product but HORRIBLE or non-existant websites….. I don’t want to go to coastlinekratom.com. I want to stick with my top little guys (vendors) and see where I can help instead of bitch.

I am a graphic designer/marketing guru and have designed websites for clients in the past. I would like to offer my assistance in building a professional website for a vendor in need of one (or a better one). If you would like to have my free assistance, privately message me. Explain to me why you think your kratom business needs a revamp and I will choose which vendor to redesign. I just might create a new brand image!, design a new logo, create a couple short intro videos like this coastal shit has on their site.


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