I’m Not Always Happy

July 23, 2016

I wish joy was my number one quality. I wish I was getting smile lines instead of crow feet; but alas, shit happens–like today–I hit rock bottom, emotionally. There are just some things in life that tear down my peppy mood and make me want to live in the shower half the day. Instead I had to go to work like a normal person, suck it up, come home and cook, and do my motherly priorities until I was left with myself on the couch, still watching Nick Jr….. It’s days like these when I remember what a godsend kratom is.

I received my order from Wonderland Holistics. I got off the couch and opened up my order of a strain called “The Mad Hatter”. It’s a special blend that I had high hopes for (I have a thing for blends, what can I say?). I poured my glass of lemonade and dosed with two teaspoons. I was amazed how fast it hit me and relaxed my nerves. It wasn’t a sleep, sedated feeling but rather a calmed, level headed feeling. This was the first strain that I felt level headed. In fact, my fans who follow all of my reviews would catch that fact that this is the first time I’ve used that word to describe a strain.

I walked over to my dinner table, opened up my macbook, and started surfing. I wanted to distract my mind and fully take in the effects of this blend. I was so distracted by the mental effects that I did not notice my pain begin to numb around my left disc that often gives me trouble. It’s not until I began writing this review that I took note of that.

The Mad Hatter is a blend I will definitely take and benefit from when I want my mind to go to a happy place of I don’t give a shit bliss.

I highly recommend you check out the facebook page of Wonderland Holistics and give it a try. I have a couple more strains I will review out of my order with her. I have high hopes of those being equally as beneficial and potent.



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