How is Kratom Able to Help Me Lose Weight!?

July 28, 2016

Kratom is known for a few things, but one of those few things is definitely not weight loss. I was surprised when that was brought to my attention as a benefit some strains have. So of course I did research to get to the bottom of it.

Kratom is known for helping to increase energy, relieve pain, increase immunity, relieve depression and anxiety and help people get sleep…. So I would assume if you can get help with all of those things that the lack thereof causes weight gain, then I would presume weight loss would be inevitable.

Reports have shown that kratom suppresses appetite for some. So when you find a strain that does that and then combine it with a strain that gives you energy, you may then find it easier to achieve weight loss. As I always say, each strain can respond differently to each person, so which strains should you try to see if you can get these results?

White and green vein kratom.

If you want to boost your energy levels, take a smaller dose. Larger are known to sedate (not for me, but for most). To avoid sedation, stick to 1 to 4 grams of kratom.

I am now on the hunt to find/create the perfect blend for weight loss/appetite suppressant now that I have heard about this…. I will be sampling/testing with white and green veins. You should do that too! Let me know what you discover. If you already have discovered something along these lines, please share!


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