Survey Results

August 2, 2016

Thank you to those who filled out the survey that was sent out regarding what kind of content you would like to see in The Kratom Buzz and Reviews. The feedback was awesome to read through, those who added their own request-LOL! Here are the stats:

#1 voted requested content: Kratom Weight loss & Beauty (something for the ladies for the most part). I would share my diet progress while being a kratom user (something I have not been sharing). I would LOVE to share with you my process and steps to losing some weight my crippled ass body does NOT need. I am surprised that this was voted #1

#2 voted requested content: “Kratom Lifestyle (peace, harmony, attitude, motivation, yoga, staying strong, etc). I am a professional yoga (and not a skinny one!). I would share my meditation, how I feel it applies with kratom, kinda like that one video where I opened up about what kratom does for my personally and spiritually, etc.” I feel that kratom, being a plant, holistic and healthy, is similar to yoga in my opinion. I am a trained yogi, so getting in touch with my inner peace and being spiritual is a daily priority. I’m excited to share some memes, quotes, tips, advice, etc with you all.

#3 voted requested content: was your own personal recommendations/request! Which more: more recipes! LOL, news updates on the latest with kratom in the media, FDA, etc., and more reviews!

So… marketing advice, huh? LOL JK. Ill still sneak those in every once in a while 🙂

Thanks for your input, guys!!! Any advice on bettering this group, please share! We are kratom family!


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