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August 3, 2016

There was a recent article published regarding the harms of a “new drug called Kratom”. I probably had the longest eye roll I have ever done. It reminded me of the reputation marijuana had for the longest time before facts came out about how it cures cancer cells, helps children suffering from seizures, helps with people suffering from anxiety or depression, and many other medical issues. I guess it will be another couple decades or so before the benefits of kratom start surfacing and the FDA admits they are purely wanting to profit themselves instead of using natural God given plants to heal all of our medical problems. Kratom is better at killing my nerve pain than any narcotic ever did….and it does NOT have the same mental dumbness that they claim it does and it does NOT make you reliable or addicted to it. It’s disappointing but not surprising that the government and pharmaceuticals look out for the wallets only. The battle to defend it is useless without the right power to back you up. That is why image to me is vitally important as the little guy in the story. Vendors need to stop selling their kratom in baggies like a common drug dealer on the street sells drugs. They need to do their own thorough research before taking or selling their own product, so they can write up exactly what the strain is and what it is commonly known to help with. They need to keep a professional demeanor and remain above reproach. HEALTH HEALTH HEALTH needs to remain the focus. Herbs, botanicals, holistic, organic, ETC. Not just any joe-blow should start a kratom business unless they are taking it serious and plan on putting quality, time and knowledge behind it. Otherwise, they will not be helping the cause. They will be apart of the problem instead of any hope for a solution.

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