Radix Ephedrae

August 3, 2016

Remember those heavy-duty diet pills that worked wonders back in the day? Remember the ingredient they took out because of deaths or hospitalization from that ingredient? Well apparently you can still buy that ingredient. It’s just not in the supplement. It’s called Ephedral (Biological term ephedrae), a plant apparently, ground up. People consume too much and abuse it, they take it away! UGH! I hate how that happens with things. Well, I bought the powder.

I toss and wash only a teaspoon of it and it gives me energy, fast and for a long duration. I am loving all of the natural ways I can take care of any physical issues, whether it be pain, lack of energy or anxiety/depression. Rarely when I have all of those all at once. Knowing I have the plant I need to take care of the issue at hand is a good feeling….until they take it away.


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