Dropping Weight with Ephedrae -Ma Huang

August 5, 2016


When anyone embarks on the journey of weight loss, it is mainly/typically/usually because of medical reasons. Having extra weight is horrible on your knees, legs and back. Keeping a good healthy weight is vital to ones vitality! Dieting it not meant to last long. It is suppose to last until you have met your goal. It is a “process” that should not be a lifestyle like you hear and read in a lot of articles. Eating healthy and moderately is a lifestyle choice that one should have; but dieting is not, not in my opinion. Therefore, when I decided to use Ma Huang to help me during this process, not only did it make my husband incredibly jealous that I actually found some in the states, but it also raised a lot of eyebrows from people who know its somewhat negative effects that have been known to happen to a few. BUT if used for a goal, a plan, not a lifestyle, and stopped when you have met that goal, and used in moderation instead of ODing, then taking Ma Huang is not a big deal. I know my body, I know it’s history, and know the things that effect it, that its sensitive too, so I know that taking A LITTLE of Ma Huang is not going to drastically effect it unless I have a rare allergic reaction. Otherwise, the way my body is, most things dont effect me in a bad way. I am not sensitive to things–Im fortunate in that way.

Nevertheless, I have started this herb five days ago, taking no more than a total of 1 teaspoon a day, split up twice (1/2 tsp morning, 1/2 tsp afternoon). I do not feel any effects, but yet I know it’s working. How do I know? Great article here, I tell you what (Hank Hill accent). My insides are burning off the fat, but I do not have the jitters or shakes. I do sweat very easily when I take it, but it is not obvious that I took anything. I am happy about that. I have been dropping pounds fast, so I am taking this cautiously and steady; once I am down to where I need to be to help my back, I will stop it.

A minor note, my husband took this when he was a weight lifter in his younger days, but they took it off the market. He totally asked me to stalk up on it so he too can start his diet (finally). Aww, I love these bonding moments we have when we both enjoy the same activity/thing/food.

Shop around and get YOURS today at Meridian Botanicals. I LOVE his online store. He has SO MUCH to choose from for all of your holistic needs. Great customer service as well. So thankful I was told about him.


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