Vendor Tip of the Week – Aug 7

August 7, 2016

Vendor tip of the day: There was a time towards the beginning of my marketing career where I was responsible for naming a collection of chicken coops we were selling in the consumer business I worked for. They wanted me to come up with a “collection” name that was catchy and unique for each chicken coop, instead of “Chicken Coop – Large & Green” and “Chicken Coop – Small and Red”. SO I decided to name them after famous mountains….. “Mount Rainer Coop”. “Mount Denali Hutch”, etc. It was a hit! It took off and for some odd reason, our sales went up.

With kratom, I have heard so many opinions on vendors naming their strains. Strains like Red MD, yeah, I get it; it should remain Red MD so users know what strain they are taking. When it comes to blends, then hell yeah come up with a cool awesome name that represents the effects the bend provides. You have seen some of my catchy names for the blends I create, LOL. But for vendors, and the constant fight between the FDA bullshit, etc; I think a vendor should name them after prescription meds that do the same (or similar) effects for users. Like prozac…. just spell is different “Prozzak” Blend. Get it? People will know that the effects will be similar to that of prozac, and IF the FDA was to run across it, they will have a metaphorical slap to the face, giving them a little dose of hypocrisy when it comes to DRUGS and chemicals vs a plant….. Just a thought.

Ya never know, showing a customer the possible effects to a special blend you made and naming it something comparable to the effects prescriptions could give will help bring in more sales for you. “Instead of popping prozac, bathe in Prozzak!”


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