No Drama!

August 15, 2016

One thing I immediately noticed when entering the kratom community, there’s a lot of personal history amongst vendors. Second thing I noticed, 50% of members think the groups have a lot of unnecessary drama while the other 50% believe there is not. I am now convinced that those who think there is not any drama are not routine visitors to the group pages.


I would like to think that people outgrow the need for drama and the latest gossip, but unfortunately most do not move out of the high school phase. I entered the kratom community as a professional with a steady career, a healthy family life, no drama, not intertwined in any gossip or scandals; just full of a massive desire to learn about kratom and how it can help my life…… And that, my friends, should remain and be the ONLY focus in these kratom groups. KnowledgeCareSupport. Instead, I see a bunch of bickering vendors fighting for attention, or users giving sob stories to get free kratom, or members attacking other members about verbiage–when they ALL are failing to realize that they are ALL contributing to the decreasing respect kratom is having in the world and media. I have said this before….we need more outspoken respectable users in the kratom community, those with good records, with good professionalism, that are above reproach, with no dirt on them; that take this serious. Not drug users that use kratom too, or people that continue to make their record colorful, or vendors who lace their kratom, or lies being spread, or harassing by creating fake profile pages, or people taking sides, admins taking sides, frequent users taking sides, hacking people’s PayPal accounts or attacking a user for not saying bath instead of dosing/consuming, or blocking this person and that person for a difference of opinion, or competing for top vendor or the most group members or customers.

It needs to stop! 

The focus is not about the product anymore but rather the vendor. That is both the fault of the user and the vendor. Yet here sits our innocent kratom in our baggies or jars….waiting to be used to benefit our lives in an amazing way! bringing us out of an addiction or helping us overcome a hard time in our lives. The less we share about our personal issues and drama, the more we protect our plant. The less we bash one another, the more we protect the kratom cause. We need to bring our attention back to the plant, back to the product and present our product in the most respectable, professional way possible. Im a Marketing Director, so maybe I just have the eye for things like this, but next time a prescription drug commercial comes on, take a real good look at it and listen carefully and then ask yourself, is kratom being represented the way this chemical shit is? Is it being portrayed in the best light available? Is it being sold in a good home (a ziplock bag that drugs are usually sold in or a professional heavy duty bag/container like over-the-counter meds are sold in)? Are all the marketing tools being utilized and available to benefit this product? Are customers treating you as they would a cashier rep at Target with an audience all around them? (I immensely dislike people that can spew such hatred while hiding behind their computers–never having the guts to say those exact same things in person-sorry for my side note).

I am all in support to the journies we all took to get where we are today, BUT sometimes one can share too much. 90% of users come from an addicted history of abusing a substance of some kind. That is based on the posts’ topics shared in the groups (Totaling out an average). That is a lot. The other 10% come with genuine health issues with no abuse history. They just need to sleep! Or help their chronic pain, or help their depression (with no past addiction to pills of any kind. They’re just searching for a holistic alternative). Those 90% of users have amazing, heartfelt, sometimes sad and moving stories about how they overcame their trials and temptation and rose above—-but you know the only thing the pharmaceuticals and media see when hearing all those? Druggies, not “respectable” citizens. Law breakers. That’s what they see, and they judge accordingly. So lets TRY to hold back our stories because we are being misunderstood and lumped into nasty categories by onlookers looking in. Keep it professional. Keep it respectful!

The problem is not those people talking about “wanting a high feeling” or saying “dose” instead of “bath”. The problem is the lack of filters by all of us. We all have done something to not support the cause in the right way. If you dont know me, or are not connected with my group, then let me tell you that I am ALL ABOUT THE CAUSE AND LOVE OF KRATOM. I love to give and support both customers and vendors as much as I can in my group. Designing, often times, FREE graphics for vendors to help them promote professionalism. Giving new ideas/fresh ideas to users about taking kratom, mixing it, recipes, support, knowledge and more! I have financially given to the cause in more than one way. I don’t just like sending a check to The American Kratom Association; I love giving of my time and knowledge as well.

I share my opinions here because I see something that can improve. Perfectionism does not exist. There is ALWAYS room for growth and knowledge. Countless people have come to me saying how I shouldn’t call my group “The Kratom BUZZ and Reviews” because people will misunderstand. Like all opinions, I respect and understand what they are saying, but there are several more obvious issues out there that would deter any FDA agent to that instead of my use of verbiage. I guess it depends on one’s background in culture, but most people know that “buzz” means news. Even President Obama knows that and uses the word correctly. Again, it’s culture. 

The term “buzz” was misused by a certain group of people and then it spread amongst that. But people in business know what buzz means.

Let’s stop attacking each other. Let’s all grow some balls and not be offended by another’s opinion. Let’s all respect the groups’ rules about verbiage if they want that. It’s not a big deal. Let’s start to filter what we share in order to keep a good reputation for kratom, our beloved plant. Let’s focus on our own business selling kratom and not try to compete in petty wars. The best vendor is one that responds to their customers with equal respect and professionalism. They are honest about what they are selling and have maturity and composure in everything they do regarding what they stand behind.

Leave your drama with your momma (not FB).


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