Where the Wild Rainbows Grow

August 29, 2016

First of all, since researching images and designs for Jane, I have fallen in love with rainbow roses. If you’re like me and dream of things like this that you can do yourself, here! Check out this DIY video I found!!! If it works for you instead of falling apart like it did for me (no, I will not share those pictures), then share your project with the group! So I can look enviously at your amazing DIY work. Thanks!

As for the wonderful Jane/CEO and Queen of Where the Wild Rainbows Grow, so far I have tried three of her samples she sent me. One I already shared a review on (Deep White Kali), and the other I will share right now here in this post (Green Love). The third one I will also review here (Premium Red). LET’S DO THIS!


Premium Red: I took the entire sample of Premium red which was about a spoon full and a half (of the spoon I use). Reds always work great for me, but for some reason the effects were minimal for my body. My nerve damage and muscle spasms did not find much relief. I was annoyed because this has happened before to me from a popular blend. It is as if kratom is laughing at me for getting my hopes up for an awesome dosing of relief. Asshole. Maybe if I had taken more, there would have been something, but for me, Premium Red didn’t like me.

Deep White Kali: I had already reviewed and I LOVED IT! The effects were fast and the energy was very apparent. My ADD was harnessed nicely which is not all that common to do for the kratom I have tried in the past. My ADD is one of the hardest things to control, so BRAVO for that being one of the benefits to Deep White Kali. It also worked fast for a white strain, no jitters and gave me a stress-free demeanor right away. The only downside is that it did not work for long. The benefits died away within two hours. That was kinda mean.

Green Love: I can happily say that Green Love loves me. Unlike the Deep White Kali, Green Love lasted 4 hours. It delivered a happy go lucky attitude, harnessed my ADD too! and covered my back pain and numbed it nicely as if my husband just rubbed me down to ease my back muscles.

I am VERY impressed with Jane’s variety of kratom. Unlike the jerky Premium Red, that I have heard GREAT STUFF ABOUT!, Deep White Kali and Green Love hit the spot. The euphoric mood the Green Love kept me in for hours was an added perk.

I am still creating her website for her, but for now you can order from her at her facebook group/PM her. I recommend you definitely do try some samples…. That’s the other thing that sucked by the way….It feels like a tease! Her samples will definitely make you want them. Such a tease!


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