Who is Seana?

August 29, 2016

I have got to say that it has been a rough week. Im glad for a new, fresh one. As the facebook group begins to grow a bit more, I don’t want anyone to forget how I started it. I care not for numbers or how big it gets. I care not for popularity or attention like I see so many others focusing on in their own groups. I care about kratom, the cause, the popularity of that, and the image it holds to the world. That is what the group was started on and that is what the group will continue to focus on. Nevertheless, I am who I am and sometimes when new people come into the group, they do not truly know me or get my humor or the way I speak. It is unfortunate, but as I saw this last week, people judge and that is unavoidable. Who I am is a woman that has gone through quite a bit in her lifetime, but new members never saw those videos where I opened my heart up, nor did they see the posts where there was immense vulnerability. It is not my job to take their hand and show them what a good person I am. It is my job to not focus or care about that, period. But regardless, I think Facebook has a shitty way of keeping a groups posts/news in order and organized. Therefore, I have created this little “Get to know me” guide that I will pin to the top of the group page for any new members. Watch–they don’t read it! LOL Just my luck….smh. Oh well. Here we go!

Why does Shaunna take selfies every day? Well, why does Billy Weaver take selfies every day, even a selfie when shipping out his customer’s orders? Must be vanity. LOL. No. Im sure Billy would agree when I say that we are not vain or into ourselves. I take selfies because first, I am a professional photographer and actually TRAINED and TAUGHT people how to pose and relax their features like the stars do on the red carpet. I got PAID to look good and teach people how to look good too. There is a trick to those expressions that could be viewed as “sexy”, and I used to teach people how to do it. There is a certain muscle on our face that is key to master the use of, but I will NOT teach you how to be vain like me! lol, but seriously….selfies and images of myself being stupid is simply a habit and hobby.

Why is she so nice? It’s like that fake nice…. She must be getting something for all this. She loves the attention, Im sure. She probably does all this for the free kratom samples vendors give her for her reviews she doesI just don’t get why people like her. She’s so into herself. Yeah, I’ve heard this. I’ve heard it all. Why does this group seem like it’s all about me? Because I started doing very thorough, helpful reviews of the strains and blends I was sampling and I wanted to share that growing knowledge with other people that were just starting out. Of course my personality is bound to show through my videos. I am unable to give a review without showing a little bit of myself. That’s just who I am, and I am incapable of changing for anyone. You simply do not have to remain and endure the torture if you don’t like me. That’s what I have never understood with all of the facebook drama in this community…. If you don’t like said person, block them! Leave their group if they’re the admin/creator. Why waste commenting, letting them know how much you dislike them? If you notice, I never speak bad or attack or belittle anyone. Never have and never will. I know it’s shocking but I am a genuinely kind, nice, generous person and I always will be.

She creates shirts and graphics to sell to us. Is the money really going to “the cause” as she says? Are you watching her videos? Are you downloading the graphics to share on your own profile? Are you taking Shaunna’s advice or listening to the info she is sharing from her hours of researching kratom and vendors? Then yes, she is giving back to the community. Time is money. You know this if you have found yourself extremely busy for weeks on end, missing your children, spouse, etc. No, money will ever replace your loved ones, but you need money to take care of your loved ones. Kratom is a cause I believe in. It’s a community that needs some tender loving care and attention that I am 100% willing to commit to. I LOVE sitting and thinking up new designs and creations to share with you. I LOVE helping people who privately seek me out, knowing that they no longer have to stress or worry about said issue that I helped with. I have given back to kratom charities and associations under my business name, but I would rather be hands on and give back myself, donating my time and money to take the action myself instead of “trusting” the associations to do it. So yes, all proceeds I make on graphics, business advice, t-shirt sales, etc, goes directly back to you and the community.

Are her reviews legit? Has she ever given a bad review? I have heard this one a lot. Yes, they are legit. I have reviewed some that were less than positive. But perhaps they were not noticed because I do it nicely with respect because I know that strains and blends can react completely different per person. We are all not the same, so it makes sense that a strain that thousands praise may not work for ALL of us. I hear that often and I have always made that clear in my disclosures in my videos/reviews. I will never flat out say “This blend sucked. It did not work. I just don’t get why this is a big seller for this vendor.” So be on the look-out for those “negative” reviews! They’re out there more than you know  😉

What does she even do for a living? Is she even qualified to offer these types of services? I respect the person that asks me this question because it means they are a no bullshit kind of person that does not tend to get fucked over. Moreover, I enjoy telling them YES! Over 10 years of professional photography and graphic designing. 10 years plus!!! That’s even shocking to myself. I have 5 years marketing experience. I have 8 years experience owning my own business. I have 15 years experience in customer service. I am fucking OLD! It’s rather depressing answering that question sometimes! lol. Nevertheless, yes. I am not a spammer looking for dumbasses to give me their time and money. I’m a busy woman believe it or not 🙂  that is extremely respected in her field and sought after.

So there you have it! Everything else doesn’t matter.

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