Superior Red Thai Review

August 31, 2016

So you’re browsing through Facebook. You click on your top group and start browsing the latest and greatest. You run across that one person that starts to praise their latest strain or blend, raving about said vendor and how awesome the quality it. Then you keep scrolling. You pass the guy that is just looking for his usual Red Thai, not no fancy name for a unique blend. Just his favorite and repetitive order of Red Thai. And of course he’s looking for a vendor who sells in bulk, but that is ALL he wants; that is ALL he prefers. He’s simple, basic, and makes fun of the names people give their blends.

He sucks…..

What a total jerk!

How could he have only ONE FAVORITE!? That’s insane! I am SO JEALOUS! Only one strain, one blend, one! It works perfectly and he need not shop around or desire to try anything else. Simple and no doubt more frugal.

How is this even possible? But we have all seen them and every time I do, it bores me with envy…….until today! I can safely say that if I had to choose one strain or blend for the rest of my life, it would be this one….Superior Red Thai, by Billy Weaver. Does “superior” mean that it is not your average Red Thai that most vendors carry? Does it mean its special with something else? So it’s a “blend”? Whatever the answer is, it is spectacular and something I could be content with and bore everyone with as I leave posts, imploring for my simple Red Thai please. Ahhhh, so glad I can finally relate

But then curiosity is my greatest flaw…. I see a post praising a new blend from a vendor I have never heard from and my ears get perked and I just HAVE to try it!!!! Because this customer likes it, so clearly I will like it too! Ahhhh good ol marketing trick! I not only plant those, I fall for them too.

I am just a massive red fan, I can safely declare. There has only been two whites that have swept me off my feet…. Magic White by; and the whites from Jane (Where the Wild Rainbows Grow).

Dosing/Effects from Superior Red Thai:

– 2 teaspoons –
– Late kicking in (15 min later) –
– Intense, strong effects –
– Power to sleep or chill on the couch –
– Pain numbing –
– Relief from anxiety (not really for depression in my opinion) –
– Long lasting –

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