You Do You

October 10, 2016

I remember the passion and the crowds and the involvement. Now it’s calm…. The threats come and go often. This wasn’t the first “scare” of a ban. It’s happened before and it will happen again. It will never end. MJ deals with it every day. Take a good look at THEIR daily battle with pot and how long they have been at it.
I did a poll here in my group, asking people if they relied only on kratom or if they took other things for pain, emotional issues, etc. I asked that for one reason…..
Do you NEED kratom? Do you rely on kratom? Are you fighting for kratom? Are you tired? For me, personally, I’m tossed in the middle. A part of me gets annoyed with these zealot advocates of kratom. They sleep and breathe kratom, SOME of them get PAID to fight for kratom, etc. I dont. I have a family, a job, a life, a career, two side careers, personal health issues, etc. My money needs to go elsewhere too. Then the other side of me asks myself, “Shaunna, you need kratom, so therefore dont you think you should fight for it regardless and make it a priority?” Yes….. yes and no. If kratom was ALL we relied on, then the passion would still be there somewhat.
If you’re still passionate, good. I’m proud of you! Im still trying to be daily, myself. If you have the ABILITY to live and breathe kratom, no kids or significant others to distract/take your money, time, and attention, then I’m jealous in a way. I will do and continue to do everything I can financially and physically AFFORD to do for this cause. If there is any pressure to give money, it should also be coupled with over strengthening and encouraging the community, or you will soon be left with a bunch of tired members that feel like you just want their money and that we are getting no where. Kudos to those who donated a shitload. Their life probably HEAVILY relies on kratom. We are a group of people from ALL VARIOUS roads of life. As a marketing director, I know that in order to get a reaction, you need to know how to communicate uniquely to EACH of them…..
Im tired, and im not the only one. But im still going as are so many of us, especially those that rely on kratom more. If you gave all you can give, and you know that, then feel good and know that was immensely appreciated. If youre still downing your $6 lattes in the morning, because you seriously need that to get your day going, then feel good too! Seriously. Kratom is either 100% important to you or its a little important to you. That is YOUR call, your life. Give if you can to AKA or BEA, take time to tweet or share, or call and write the DEA. The amount of energy you put into doing all that is PURELY based on how much you truly need kratom….. and that is the whole point I am trying to make. YOU DO YOU. And as the cards lay out, your conscience will be at peace because you will know that you did what you could for the cause.

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