Moving Forward

November 2, 2016


If you get offended easily and have a trigger finger of blocking, deleting and answering back with a lost temper and no discretion… is not for you. Stop with your endeavors and ideas until you have acquired thick skin. Otherwise, you will soon have your customers painting a nasty picture of you, and what onlookers will be saying will not benefit your company. Maturity, level-headedness, steadiness, slow and steady, thick skin = wins the race, moves forward, accomplishes new things AND MORE.

If you cannot control your private self outside of business, then you will not be successful. Period. Generals in the US Military are assholes. Bosses and CEOs are typically rude, straight forward jerks. But those jerks thicken your wallet and get your name out there. The sensitive ones probably have never had military experience, lol.


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