Sometimes You Need More…And that’s OK

November 21, 2016

Addict – to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively <addicted to gambling>:  to cause addiction to a substance in (a person or animal),, a person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically an illegal drug.

We are all addicts.

We are all addicted to something, so why is it that the word “addict” is often used in a negative way? In a world where being dependent on no one is praised and sought, it makes sense that it is considered a bad thing. We as human beings are susceptible to clinging, to relying on something that brings us great happiness and joy. Being addicted to drugs is bad because it can hurt your health. Being addicted to a person is “bad” because that person could break your heart. Being addicted to cookies is bad because it could make you fat = affect your health. Being addicted to your child is bad–what, wait… Ahhh. Pondering….. It’s called unconditional love and some of us still have the strength to provide that. Some addictions are not bad at all, but yet it is still called an “addiction”. So therefore, relying on something or someone is not always bad and therefore the negative side of this definition should be changed (but that’s reaching for stars there).

Let’s take a drug addict, addicted to drugs because why? It makes them feel good. This person wants to feel good…. What’s wrong with wanting to feel good and numb the pain that hurts them, whether it be physical or mental? I look at drug addicts a lot differently now when I stop and think of it in that perspective. Should they risk their life and health numbing their issues with drugs? I do not think so, but they would disagree. It would be worth it to them. After all, we cannot feel their pain. It’s not our place to judge if their situation is not “that bad”. But yet being a drug addict is a bad thing…. Well, not to me.

Let’s take a person addicted to their boyfriend. Her whole world revolves around him and she begins to get clingy. Is there a happy balance to loving someone? Yes. Yes, there is. If you love someone you let them go, right? I’ve heard that many times in poems and writings. I am addicted to my children, but I know they will grow up and make their mistakes, disobey and grow into their unique self…..and there’s nothing I can do to avoid that. Will it hurt when they fall? Yes, immensely. But that does not mean I am going to lessen my addiction my love for them. It’s worth the pain. You can look at it in God’s eyes as well if you wanted to go there.

I’m going there.

People kick and scream about how a God could allow such pain and suffering, if He really was “all powerful” then why does He not save these dying, suffering children? I know why….because He LOVES each and every one of us, even Trump. And because He is a parent that loves unconditionally, He allows us to make our decisions, whether they be good or bad. He cries, He hurts, He HATES seeing it, but his love is irreplaceable. It’s like we are a world of siblings fighting amongst each other. Some are good obedient, kiss-ass kids while others are spawns of Satan, but the Daddy loves His children equally. Punishes accordingly, but prays we do not continue to fight….but we do.

So no…..being an addict is probably the most beautiful thing about living. And just like everything, some are good and some are bad. Some should be altered a bit while others are just fine. We need to think rationally about our addictions and make sure we write our pros and cons list to determine if our addiction (whatever it may be) is a healthy one. Being addicted to my husband, children, family, and kratom is a good one.

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