Top Vendors of 2016

January 4, 2017

Hey guys! Since being ex-communicated from NACU FB group (which they have YET to tell me why), my vendor experience and audience has changed quite a bit. I have been cast out (so to speak) with the “outsiders”, but they in turn have opened my eyes to a lot of truths. I have therefore come up with an updated list of my top favorite vendors, taking everything a customer would look for into consideration.

  1. Aura Botanicals
    She likes things traditional and she cares. AWESOME customer service and true attentiveness and 100% transparency. She wants to HELP you find what works best for your unique self and puts a lot of time and attention to how her group is run. No website because she likes the connection she gets with each individual customer. This is why she is currently my #1.
  2. Kat’s KShop
    Another one who just says it the way it is….I love that. He will tell you exactly what each strain will do for you. His group is very active and close-knit. He is knowledge and thorough with this kratom farmers and has an awesome new website that he adds new holistic items to every day.
  3. Meridian Botanicals
    A fav that’s been on all of my lists straight. I simply LOVE and will always return to Justin for my holistic needs. I love trying new vendors, but when I need something fast, with no research or hesitation, I always go to him. He even created a special discount code just for me-That’s true love right there, I tell you what. Shaunna7 to get 7% off (aka, shipping is free!).
  4. Mystic Kratom
    Strong, never failing, great quality and strong potency. I LOVE Mystic Kratom’s kratom. The website offers the latest news and reviews of their strains and I have greatly enjoyed personally working with them to create some awesome ads and logos for their up and coming shop that continues to grow. If you have not checked them out yet, you’re missing out on some strong stuff.
  5. Stan David Botanicals
  6. Fisher Botanicals
  7. Canadian Kangels
  8. Kaleidoscope 
  9. Wicked Kratom
    and more!

For other lists and kratom vendors to try out, check out my past top vendors, many of whom are still quite spectacular.

Now remember, I am involved in a lot of things, so please check out some of my top blog articles and videos, take a look around, learn a bit more about me, what I do for the community and more.

Chao, lovelies!

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