List of Vendors I Have Reviewed

January 10, 2017

Below are the vendors I have reviewed and the links to said reviews. I was not given free kratom in exchange for reviews. I sought out and purchased kratom/herbs from said vendors for my own purpose and gain. What I am all about is seeking out the best quality, the best customer service, the best one stop shop there is. The search is never ending, and its good to not stick to the same blend/strain to keep your tolerance levels at bay.

So here they are:

Wicked Kratom

Billy Weaver (The Weaver Tree)

Greg Hernandez

Kat’s KShop

Kaleidoscope Botanicals (must be a facebook member of my group)

SK Herbal Health and Wellness

Aura Botanicals

Canadian Kangels

Taunton Bay

Fisher Botanicals

Stan David Botanicals – (must be a facebook member of my group)

Tom James

Odus’ Quality Botanicals

Galzba Botanicals

Dylan Kino Frink

PA Botanicals


Meridian Botanicals – Use code 2017Shaunna for 20% off on his site!

SoCal Herbal Remedies

Where the Rainbows Grow – Video review

Wonderland Holistics

Happy Hippo Herbals

Mystic Kratom

Relief Kratom

Ohio Botanicals

To view ALL of my video reviews (not written) go to my vimeo account.

Many reviews are in my facebook group. Search for the vendors name to have the posts related to them show for your reference.

Hope this helps some of you!

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