The Alpha Mix

January 10, 2017

Its finally here. I should be a millionaire at this point! but lets just keep it between you and me. This special blend of herbs has the benefits of KICKING ASS! Don’t believe me? Well, you better hope you win this next giveaway because this will be the prize!

The mix is a combination of all kinds of herbs, and I will give you the recipe so you can create this magical kickass blend yourself so you too can become an alpha. OH YEAH!


The Alpha Mix

  • Ephedra
  • Skullcap
  • Ashwagandha Extract
  • Green MD
  • White MD
  • Kundalini Coffee
  • Ground flaxseed

Mix all of the above ingredients and you have created The Alpha Mix.

Once I added the white MD, this mixture kicked into high gear for me. Within about 10 minutes, my energy was booming and I was tackling every freakin chore on my list and then some. It lasted for HOURS (4 to be exact). A go-go, motivated feeling of energy and drive is what this blend produced for me, and it just might have that reaction for you too, so give it a shot. All of the ingredients can be found at, which is awesome. (Use code 2017Shaunna for 20% off).

Yes I realize that some of the ingredients many do not find good to take, like Ephedra, so make sure you KNOW your body and how it reacts to things. For me and my high tolerance, all of this did exactly what I wanted it to do. The amount of ephedra was small anyway, and making it yourself gives you the ability measure the way you think it best for you. It’s the fact of it being mixed together that seems to have produced the fast driven attitude.

The giveaway details for this mix is in my FB group!


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