You’re Vetted? Then You MUST Be the Best

January 19, 2017

It was a combination of both annoyance and curiosity when I kept hearing the term “vetted vendor” throughout the kratom community when I first started kratom a year ago. I figured it must have been something prestige, that was earned, kratom that must have been tested and approved before sale, and a clear depiction of what the best of the best was. Boy was I wrong, and it’s time you learn the truth.


Vetted means something different depending on who you talk to. Vetted, by definition, means to make a careful and critical examination of (something). To investigate thoroughly. Now, each kratom focused group defines that differently. Some just require some sample strains. Others require paperwork to prove test results of quality, a list of good reviews and history, and/or images of location where the vendor is selling their stock from (looking for cleanliness, etc). That is all very important to do; I’m glad and definitely not against them making the vendor have to “prove” themselves in a sense before they are allowed to advertise in said group. However…….who are they and what makes them qualified to call the shots and review these vendors?


In every community, you have a variety of different backgrounds and demographics of people. Some rednecks and house wives, some rich snooty folks along with people with records and on food stamps. You get the veterans that have been dosing with kratom for years now and think they know more than any of you and will never hesitate to let you know that. Then there are the arrogant assholes that always have to have their nose in all of the community’s drama. Then there is the “playing innocent” douche over here that secretly causes the most shit, but most will never know. Then you have the newbies asking questions that “provoke” the veterans and starts fights like “See! This is why we are about to lose kratom because of drug addicts like you asking stupid questions!!!! GRRRRRR!!! I hate you! You suck!”


My mommy always said there are never any stupid questions, and veterans should be the least likely to attack considering they have “been there, done that”. I guess they are now inside the arrogant demographics of the users. Any professional group of people should NOT have high school cliques. Period. It’s time to graduate high school, grow up and act like a mature humbled adult instead of a complete douchebag loser.


Unfortunately, it is these people that “rate” a vendor and determine if they are “vetted” or not…..and that is the problem here. We have too many amazing vendors not being vetted because they are not “liked” due to a rumor Joe Blowinga had spread around to Jack and Jill and now they are hated with juicy rumors about them. We need better admins, period. We need qualified admins, people that are qualified to rank, review, and judge a vendor, without ANY gossip or drama swaying their decision. We need the LESS POPULAR, more out of touch of the deep dirty alleyways of the kratom community. We need some without a drug addicted history along with some that do, so that we can properly represent ALL paths of life that are lead to our community. We need ones that make us look good, ones that are not caught up in drama, ones with perhaps history in running or managing a business.

Honestly, if we don’t have those changes, there will be no surprise when our community is looked down upon and viewed as a bunch of redneck, druggies looking for a plant to make them high. The way we communicate and treat each other, the way we rank vendors, and the way groups are running says a lot about us. The way we represent ourselves when defending our plant, keeping our composure and not having any shady shit going on in our lives, all of these things play a HUGE part in us winning the kratom battle. I’m convinced that 90% are a part of the problem in this community. It has gotten quite out of hand since the population of the community has grown. Admins need a vigorous testing process before they are qualified to pick and choose which vendor is a good vendor. They need accountability just as much as the vendor who is hand handling my kratom strains. If they don’t have those things, then they (if not already) have the reputation of being a drama filled group that does not treat customers/vendors fair. People will start to leave, go elsewhere.

The kratom community is not an established government. We have not appointed a leader. We are a free for all group of consumers. Some are useful and some are a waste of space. Some have all the time in the world to dedicate their lives to the kratom cause, while others have bills to pay and children to raise. Some have turned their lives around and deserve more respect than they are honestly getting because of ignorant, two faced people that live and breathe on Facebook. I say you find a kratom group that has accountability. That has people WORKING for the customer AND vendors alike. Whose admins are NOT caught up in scandals and dramas; who don’t play favorites. That has control over their group and not have a block-happy trigger finger. I am a very busy marketing director, with a husband and children, my time is precious and limited. When it’s on Facebook, its spent wisely, not bullshitting or wasting time. It’s getting shit done. I suggest and encourage you all to be the same. It’s about KRATOM. It’s all about kratom.

The comments got out of hand. I appreciate all of the support but I had to stop the comments on both the article and the blog thread. We are above that! Enough was exposed. Nothing more is needed to say. I hope many have opened eyes now to what the kratom community needs to see changes in. I pray those changes happen….or we will definitely IN DEED lose it….and it was obvious how easy we can yesterday. A certain person wanted to sound professional and personally attack a gofundme page my brother created for me to help my daughter’s medical bills (I didnt create it because I dont like asking people for stuff, but you all already know that about me). That was the only thing out of all the hurtful insulting comments that struck me the wrong way….because it involved my daughter. I hope that person find joys in their life and learns to not take words to heart unless it truly applies to them-and if it applies to them, I pray they are humble enough to produce those needed changes in their life. Its a brand new day! Let’s enjoy it and move on.



Im thankful for so many of you and the support. I appreciate you noticing me keeping my cool. In my line of work, I’ve mastered that art of letting another talk before thinking because they will sink their own ship without any of my help. It’s sad really, but they didn’t have to own it. I have no regret. The issue of the community and the people thinking they know who they can trust, run to, lead, etc….everything needs to be reevaluated and they were destroying themselves way before my article. I hope I just brought the issue to life for the stronger people in the shadows to come forth and make those needed changes before Its too late. I love kratom. Its all about kratom! Its all about consumers like YOU! I honestly think BEA is the most professional lead/place to represent kratom. They rent, organized, spoke, etc for the kratom cause, always present, always there, and needs more support than what they have been getting because they are NOT about drama….which makes them quieter and not popular. Fight for the cause- FIGHT IT WITH MATURITY!

When first entering the kratom community a year ago, I tried to help the group that seemed to be more about kratom than anyone else, they were the popular ones. I tried to get involved where I could. But all that happened was drama and me being attacked, and still no answers to my questions. So I sought out the truth for myself and figured out what the issue was in the community. Its not just one group, its many. We all fall short in some way, but some worse than others, especially if they have a big following-they should be even MORE above reproach.

I know exactly who attacked my gofundme page, but I refuse to call HER out….because looking at her experience with kratom and her journey, she should have known better….and I pity her immensely.


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