Kratom for the Mind

February 22, 2017

We often read or hear about those suffering in pain that find relief with kratom, but there are also so many that find mental relief, calmness, joy, and motivation. Some days I need kratom for those things.

I have endured every type of season you can think of. Both physically and emotionally they have been exhausting; they never are not-I’m sure you would agree? However, after each one, I come out with a knowledge of something new.

Sleeping in the jungles, having to bath in the river, sleeping on a mouse invested mattress so as to avoid the dirt floor, and hunting for my food: Those few months taught me survival skills and inner emotional stability. When my mind wanted to give up emotionally and break down and cry, I learned to look around me and take the strength from those that had been living this lifestyle far longer than I.

When I helped pull the dead bodies away from the shore in Thailand in 2004 after the deadly tsunami, I learned to treasure the life I have and appreciate my family and friends that value having me in their lives.

Yes, I have lived through some of the craziest seasons life can throw at someone. That explains a lot of who I am as a woman, my honest and controlled mouth, as well as my ability to never give up.

I am thirty these days, and life is still throwing stormy seasons my way. I lost my mother and my voice in the same year. Though my voice came back, my mother did not. I now live with daily pain that follows me through it all. I have a raspy voice and can no longer sing sweet lullabies to my children at night. I no longer have a mother to call and cry to when life is knocking me down.

What I am trying to say is: Life can suck. It’s important to accept that and learn to get through it by controlling your emotions. As I’ve gotten older, and more seasons aged me and left me deeper and deeper scars, it is harder to control my inner emotions. My peace is harder to keep. For the first time, I am using kratom for something other than pain.

I have been dosing with kratom for about a year now, as you know. Chronic pain in my neck where the screws were placed can sit there a bit more peacefully and quiet when kratom is in my system. I fell in love with kratom because of that ability to take off the edge. However, now I am seeking it out for a different reason: emotional support and spiritual stability. Years ago I would tell myself I was being weak for needing help to get through life, but now I rely on kratom like one relies on vitamin C to avoid sickness. Both are not guaranteed, but both help so much.

It’s a different side of kratom I am appreciating these days; the side that helps you with hard seasons.

What I am taking currently (different on every day of the week) to help with emotional support:

PeaceWell’s Green Vein Borneo  – Promotes joy and motivation
Aura Botanicals’ Green MD – Helps with relaxing my mind and providing a better outlook on life.
Kat’s K-Shop’s White Magic– Gets me motivated and positive

Boy, do I know that life can suck, people can suck, but thank God for kratom.


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