Above Reproach

February 26, 2017

“Staying above reproach is the greatest advice anyone could ever give you.”

Staying above reproach means keeping yourself accountable and giving no one reason to think or say or HAVE anything on you. No, we are not perfect; we will be stupid some days, but making it right instead of covering it up is what makes the difference.

“If you mess up, make it right immediately.”

Life is full of lessons. We require growing and learning as humans. That is why judging is such a stupid thing. I allow people to judge me all the want because I have a massive self love for myself. I know how valuable, how important, how accomplished, and how smart I am. I also know how stupid, ignorant, and thoughtless I can be. Knowing that you are both of those things, good and bad, is what makes you a good person.

“NO ONE IS PERFECT. No one is better than another.”

What does it take for a person to accept the fact that making fun or talking shit about another is the right thing to do or handle something? What does it take for a person to realize their own sins/failings and to simply shut their mouth before someone treats them the way their treat others? Sometimes people will never learn. Sometimes you simply cannot teach these people to show humility and to learn to stay above reproach. It can stress you out trying to figure those people out, that simply do not see their faults….so it’s not worth thinking about anymore. I would encourage you to just let it go and be happy, for they are not.

“A person who it quick to speak evil and be cruel is not a happy person; period.”

Keep yourself above reproach so as to not give ANYONE ammo.

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