February 28, 2017

I am a very busy woman. Balancing life is what I am always constantly trying to master. Never is there a day when I feel like I accomplished it and did it to the best of my abilities. I always cut myself short, mentally, and feel I have failed in some way, whether it be as a mom, wife or woman. Not only is that horrible of me, but it’s damaging to more than just myself. It’s damaging to my daughter who looks up to me as an example. Being a negative person, seeing the worst, being your worst critique are things we need to fight and resist doing. It only produces a negative trail of misery in the present and future. Your outlook on life speaks through you. People see it, hear it, feel it. You cannot hide bitterness. You cannot hide joy. You cannot hide misery…. Everything you feel shows through you like a window. I fail every day in trying to keep accountable to what I preach. Being above reproach is my life’s motto, something I have always taken serious and given as the greatest life’s tip to anyone I know. Staying above reproach helps life be easier on you in so many ways. It is an ongoing action you need to set and put in place every day, mentally. Sometimes I fail; often times I fail, but dusting yourself off and pushing forward with positivity is key.



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