Vendors “Supporting” Vendors – HA!

March 1, 2017

LOL Sorry, but that was the title that was speaking to me when coming up with it off the top of my head. Vendors “supporting” vendors….. yeah…that’s it. It’s “supporting” that they’re doing, perhaps 10% of the time….if that.

Why would I say/think such things? Well, other than it being me (easy to offend you), this topic shouldn’t come to a surprise coming from me. I am not a vendor (THANK JESUS! HALLELUJA!) for obvious reasons. I have enough on my plate. I have a good job and side clients for side jobs from my own personal company that I run, so vending would be a bit much. Naturally, being a consumer, I MUST become a part of at least some vendor groups so as to increase my knowledge and selection. However, what is the point of a vendor requesting membership into another vendor’s group? Here are some possible reasons:

  1. To be a snoop – Gasp! I know, how could I judge so harshly. May I remind you I said “possible reasons” above 🙂 Moving on–
    Yes, being a snoop is a likely reason, knowing your competition. Trust me, Im in marketing by trade. I KNOW the importance of being a snoop on your competitors, to see what they do that works for them, to steal some ideas, to gather info or even DIRT on them! Shocking! but so true. Professionally, I cannot say that is a dumb move on their part for being a possible reason they request membership. The dumb one is accepting them….unprepared.
  2. To keep the community close and work with each other – Oh yeah…sure, of course. I believe that. I mean, makes sense, right? We are a community, supporting each other, praising each other, being kind and supportive, looking out as vendors alike (not talking about myself here) in order to help the community be a unified group of respectable people that love one another, giving the outside world nothing to say negative about? I remember being in a very large kratom group of thousands months ago and I remember seeing A LOT of vendor love. Of course, they were amongst the top rated ones of the group, and the admins made sure to recommend those top vendors, and they would all respond so kindly, “Yes, thank you, sweetheart! My site is blah blah blah, you are welcome to come browse my shop! (smiley face!) (Heart!)”. “You’re too kind! Oh! Your kratom is awesome too, girl! (group hug!!!)”. Honestly, that is the case in many large groups where vendors chill and hang out to collect their customer base. It’s another smart business move–that will fail and be their doom eventually, resulting in possible private blackmail, threats, scandals, and/or being blocked and disowned….. You might want to read this article for mental support and advice.... Good luck, love.
  3. To steal customers – Oh come on! You all do it! Stop the BS. I do it in my own company. Apple did it to Intel. God knows how many Google screwed over to get to the top. Don’t be nieve and claim innocence here. Let me say it again, we have all done this. Even in high school, I’ve stolen people’s friends. Girls steal other girls boyfriends– and don’t get me started on my third-grade experience/blackmail of my once then BFF threatening to tell my crush that I liked him if I didn’t give her my new favorite Lisa Frank notebook set. Yes, this happens. Sorry. Buck up, move on, make better business decisions to avoid it next time. Question why your customers might not be loyal to you and why they would be willing to follow this vendor to the “dark side” and leave you. That is what a professional, mentally stable business asks themselves. What makes their customers loyal? Figure that out and when other businesses try to steal your customers….it won’t happen. Wanna know the secrets? Hire me as your client 😉 Oh look, N! I’m promoting myself here!!!! 😉

There is no “positive”, kind or good reason a vendor would want to join another vendor’s group. I’m sorry, there is not. Business is business. They have their own pocketbooks to worry about. If you want to avoid the above inevitable issues/drama, do not allow vendors in your group if you’re a vendor. They are not your friend. They are your opponent. Stop with the fake bullshit love. Again: BUSINESS IS BUSINESS.

Now, I must go steal some ideas from a competitor of our company and create an awesome intro video for the company because they just did and that’s a freakin brilliant idea. Chao!


Coming soon: article talking about being in a “crew group”, having “spies” going to other groups, how to tell a fake profile, and more. Stay tuned!!!!

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