If I Didn’t Shop Around, Who Would I Stick Too?

March 2, 2017

I sample things. It’s in my DNA. The only things in life that I have not sampled are men and drugs. Everything from travelings to food to music to if a dirty house keeps me saner than an OCD house–I sampled it. Kratom, I sample, not only because I review and want to find the best pickings out there, but because sticking to one strain can increase your tolerance levels. It is important to switch your strains day by day.


If I was done reviewing (which I know would thrill many of you when that day comes), which vendors would I stick too for my kratom needs? Well, I’ll list them here:

  1. Mystic Kratom
  2. Red Devil Kratom (Offers 50% code “jd50” to facebook members only)
  3. Aura Botanicals
  4. Kat’s K-Shop
  5. Meridian Botanicals (Use code Shaunna7 for free shipping! Wooo)
  6. Greg Hernandez
  7. Fisher Botanicals
  8. PeaceWell

I have had to say goodbye to some vendors because they listened to a certain lady who told them to stay away from me. If they were not weak and believed lies, then I would had voted them in. Those that stick around are truly badass and represents their company well. It’s about kratom! It’s not about the customers or guess what, lady, the customer would always be right if it was. Zero customer services skills and that is the most basic and easiest job a person can get (customer service) LMAO. Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh. I should pity. Pity both her and those that believe her. My brain is tired by the lies and stupidity.

Just remember people, vendors are a dime a dozen these days. You better start looking for more qualities in your choice of vendors that just “popularity” alone.

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