Loving Kratom While Others Don’t

March 5, 2017

I wrote an article that talked about groups of people you might find in the kratom community. Many did not like it; many thought it was overdue. Which ever side you found yourself on, a community is a community and drama and gossip is unavoidable. I wrote several articles later about how to stay away from it, avoid it, how to not be forced to pick a side, etc; but today I am going to write about the popular disclosure I have throughout my group: “Just because it works for me like this, doesn’t mean you will have the same.” People in general tend to judge and lump others in their own category when it comes to what is best for another.

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I do not come from an addictive past. In fact, I was a 20 year old virgin, engaged, who only had tasted alcohol and nothing else, not cigarettes, no drugs, nothing. The naughtiest thing I did as a teenager was drink liquor one time. OMG!

I got neck surgery when I was 29 and realized the intense pain I was living with when it came to nerve damage, etc. Sure prozacs felt GREAT, but that was what was so hilarious. These asshats create a drug that “helps” turn off the pain, tricking the mind, when in fact your body just becomes addicted NATURALLY, making you think you need more to work. The minute my regular dose stopped working, I didn’t seek out more. I sought out a replacement/another option because that was bullshit. There had GOT to be something out there, with moderation, I could take without effects being gone after mere months, that was natural, that I could control, tapper off if need be, return to when needed, etc. Thank God for kratom! But guess what, not any of my childhood friends or family agreed with my decision to start taking kratom because guess why? — “It’s a drug!”(obviously it’s not). I come from such an innocent past, such a high end society of snoods that they looked down at that decision. Yet…if I was to go chill down Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, they would accept me and that decision in a heartbeat, and even be offering better options on top of it! lol. Why is that, you think? Ignorance? Lack of experience on my society’s part? I would say so!

People are so quick to judge something new, give their opinion but not accept another’s. It’s important to be open to seeing all sides and not judging off the bat. People have no idea who I am. They want to own other’s opinions when they did not even mention them personally. They want to look down at your for making a decision on a supplement or herb without even studying it and realizing that anything could become an addiction. Monster energy drinks are an addiction to me — guilty as charged, I’ll admit it. And the people giving me shit are puffing on their cigarettes LMAO. I just don’t get it sometimes! How about you simply state your opinion, just like I state mine, without targeting people personally or gossip behind people’s backs. Say it out loud on the roof tops instead of behind people’s backs. Rats hide in shadows.


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