Not All Kratom Users Are Ex-Drug Addicts

I may be the first to publically talk about it, but it is no secret. This is an annoying judgment that happens to many in the community. I already wrote about the image we give out to the public. This is one that should not outscream the others if you know what I mean.

It goes without saying that people with a rough hard past give the greatest testimonies, but it also goes without saying that image is everything and people judge. If you have the best of both worlds in a cause that you support, it’s important to flaunt them evenly.

“Just because I take kratom doesn’t mean I come from a drug addicted past.”

“I didn’t deal with addiction issues. To some that makes my need for kratom less important, to some my using it is an excuse or a gateway to hard drugs. Ignorance is not bliss and being open minded is not for the eccentric. It is for the enlightened.”

“I use mine for chronic pain, depression and anxiety. I feel like in certain groups us pain patients are less important than people who use it to detox and stay off drugs.”

“A lot of people…well most assume I have battled addiction. On posts about life I’ll get comments on how I’ve come so far in my addiction recovery lol I don’t even bother correcting people. I learned quick that when I mentioned I was a pain management advocate and didn’t come from that world, the acceptance dwindled. Don’t get me wrong not everyone is like that, but many are. I tried taking more meds than prescribed, that didn’t fix my pain tho and I had a bigger issue of throwing all my meds away and pissing my doctor off 😂 I never understood the practice of 60mg doesn’t work let’s try 120 mg and see if we can make those side effects unbearable. Smh.”

If you have not heard people open up like this, then you are in a blinded, one-sided part of the kratom community. It’s best you branch out a bit. Just a tip.

Nevertheless, it is important we highlight those other demographics of people that come from an accomplished past and present. It is like going to Wholefoods and seeing those perfect, flawless women who are in shape and smell like lavender–they put me to shame and make me feel guilty for serving my family food from Walmart, but hey–they’re staying and trying to live healthy and that is definitely not a bad thing. Those women are amongst us in the kratom community, and not just women but men as well. It’s vital for the image and the message that we speak on behalf of a plant that is used for unlimited purposes that we show all sides of a “kratom consumer”.

This part of the article ties up and concludes the series.

*This does not speak for everyone. There are many people that have voiced their testimony that has nothing to do with a drug addicted past. I am aware of those. This post was highlighting that the “majority” does not. If people in high positions in this community can be surprised by comments one they thought they knew made, then please don’t be surprised about this opinion of mine.

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