Play Monopoly Or Get Out

March 6, 2017

“Another one bites the dust!”

LOL So sad to see this play out when it does in some groups ran by a bunch of over-entitled admins with “vetted vendors“. When another vendor loses it’s “connection” to a popular group because of some bullshit reasons, some wonder why. Happens all the time. So what honestly do those that stick around have to give or gain in order to keep their status with the crew? It’s like a game of Monopoly……What didn’t they do?

What’s in a game of politics? We all know it is shady. Humanities first instinct is to be selfish, to gain something for their efforts. Now I’ll be honest (naturally), I do business with people who full blown hate me. It’s called business, duh. There are clients of mine that talk massive shit behind my back but give me the money due me. Alas, thus is life.

You have to be smart in business. You have to think quick and keep yourself clean. If I can google someone’s name and find some nasty records, then the DEA can as well–and probably already has. Better start going by another name to keep yourself above reproach! LOL. People like this should not be taken seriously if this stuff happens on their watch during their time being an admin or a vendor. This should not happen, period. Those that continue to play the victim, play the role and act like they have their shit together when one can simply search for information on them should shut their damn mouths. It’s embarrassing to not only be associated with such hypocrites, but it’s beyond detrimental to the cause and keeping kratom legal (yet they’ll be the first to talk about following “rules” and doing what they can to protect our leaf!). Ugh…my head hurts from such stupidity.

If there is going to be anyone that is set above the rest in this community, who represents this community, best to keep your record clean. Keep your staff clean. Don’t join the monopoly game. It’s only a matter of time when you too will bite the dust like the rest and start to see the truth of some things.

My Top 10 Best business advice and food for thought I can give a kratom vendor:

  1. Best to keep out of facebook groups until your website and business is established.
  2. Find groups that don’t make you jump through hoops unless they are highly qualified to do so.
  3. Keep your company and self above reproach.
  4. Don’t get involved in drama.
  5. Don’t sell your soul.
  6. We are not here to make friends. This is business, damn it.
  7. Respect is earned.
  8. When at first you don’t succeed try try again is bullshit. Vendors are becoming a dime a dozen. Have the passion, respect and dedication (already be doing all the above) or you’re in the wrong line of business.
  9. Build your own group/customer base. Don’t rely on another’s. Win your customers, keep your customers.
  10. Don’t be easily offended. Have thick skin.

Best of luck to you all, consumer and vendor alike. We are in this together, and sometimes the truth hurts, I know. Sorry 🙁


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