I Am the Problem

March 7, 2017

I have SO MANY HATERS, but also so many lovers 😉 Some think my openness is the problem, that I should simply shut up and not bring attention to ANY issues what so ever about the community, as to not draw attention from the DEA. Riiiiiiight.

I’ll share with you a fan’s comment:

It sounds so overdramatic, but now more than EVER is when we need voices like yours and others. People who are woke trying to make others see what really matters in all of this….and that’s Kratom. ?

Then I have people that find help through my blog articles:

Im torn between the article on Finding the Best Vendor…because Im new to the community & really benefited from your input! & Kratom for the mind…because its really given me the balance I needed & didnt really feel like I got taking prescription meds for depression & anxiety! Its abeautiful thing for me!!

If you are really all about the plant and have no hidden agenda, then you would be trying to work together as a community. The smartest thing AKA and BEA could ever do is keep separate from the kratom community. However, they would not have won in court if it was not for the kratom community on facebook. Period. It is ONLY BECAUSE OF THESE GROUPS AND PEOPLE on facebook that we beat the kratom ban. I think a smart business decision would be (If you’re AKA/BEA and want to show support to a FB group) to not allow any groups have the power to “vet” a vendor. Do not have them rate it and dictate who is a vetted vendor. Have a website that is reputable, like AKA and BEA, and if you want to gain customers and be promoted by these respectable organizations, then get vetted THROUGH THEM, not a facebook group. For example, when you go to AKA’s site, they do not have a clear spot for vendors to contact them and get connected with them with the right tools to set themselves up with, along with the backing of AKA. They have a clear message throughout their sites where you can give, but not where you can become a great vendor, doing what’s right, with the correct tools.

I go over to BEA’s site (my favorite), and they have a vendor information area, along with members needed to be volunteers for events as well as board members. Great way to get connected for the cause as both a vendor and a consumer. They have helpful tips and videos explaining what you can do to become a FDA-compliant vendor, BUT they should also have an area where they give vendors a chance to be backed up by them, giving them the respect they earn by following the recommended advice of BEA and AKA.  Why is this not more of an obvious option available? If it is available, that is immensely under the rug and NOT noticeable.

So let me get this straight, our kratom vendors rely on facebook traffic and admins of big kratom groups to form a profitable business and get customers?…….


Sure, facebook kratom consumers are POWERFUL but professional? Some, not all. Clean records with reputable dedication to cause? Some. The backing of what? Admins? We want to be taken serious? Then please, AKA/BEA, form a vetted vendor list on your reputable site. Backup and bring business and attention to those vendors who deserve it, who work hard to do what is right for the consumers and the cause. Right now, many vendors who send the most free stuff to people who’s systems are not even 100% clean from other substances, are being rated by these admins…. With records and unprofessionalism, that is what a vendor has to win over in order to win customers……smh. We look to you almighty BEA and AKA. We send YOU our money. We fight the fight for you. Put some time and attention in organizing and cleaning up the facebook groups because that is where your power lies. 

There is one lady who I find remarkably faithful to the cause (as well as others). One that works hand in hand with both AKA and BEA, who is ALWAYS striving to keep the standards for the community high and respectable. Kelly Devine….I commend you for your hard work, your time and money invested in the cause and never failing to keep yourself both composed and respectable. You are a prime example of how a consumer should be. You represent BEA and that is something they are doing right when it comes to backing you up. I have been honored to see the behind the scenes work you and BEA have put in this cause and during the march. I was honored to do the graphics that even my own haters had loved and shared (probably unknowingly lol). Kratom United is truly one of the most stable larger kratom groups and I would stir any newbie towards. Join that group for a consistent desire of professionalism and respect. Kratom Users (Pro-Active)Kratom Users (Pro-Active) is another great group where AKA stands behind heavily in. You can tell the difference when in groups like these.

I do not take sides. I have friends on both sides of the line. I simply only care about kratom and the cause. I care about what is right, avoiding what is wrong and keeping kratom in a good light. I have friends who hate each other but we don’t talk about that, nor gossip. We talk about kratom and what we all can do to make it better for the community. Bringing to light issues is not hurting the cause….it’s maturing the ever growing community. I seem to be the only outspoken one in the community who stands right dab in the middle of AKA and BEA, supporting both, knowing both and desiring to help both.

So I would like to encourage you to direct newbies to either one of those groups, or you yourself, be more active in those groups. They have a lot of knowledge to give with people who have stood in the front lines with the power of the facebook kratom community at their back.


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