Review of Green Indo Kali by Greg Hernandez

March 9, 2017

Instant relaxation and peace.

I only took half the dose I usually take and within ten minutes I felt weight lift off my shoulders. It was both weird and awesome at the same time. My mind went in chill mode. It was the good type of sedating. Not the type that drops you to the bed to sleep, but the type that relieves any worried, depression or anxious mind.

My severe back/neck pain lessened immensely and it lasted a good three hours before things started to taper off. Sooner than I would have liked, but better than I expected!

This is a green strain called Indo Kali by Greg Hernandez. He has a wonderful selection and a nice site to browse. I love the look and ease of it.

If you’re looking for a strong green, try this one. Just tried it this morning and I LOVE it. So glad I bought a lot of it too 🙂 Thanks, Greg, for the excellent quality (as always!).

Get ahold of him personally to get your order for the kratom (at this time). He could better explain those details than I. I believe he is having a sale at this time. So definitely ask him about that. I don’t get nothing for doing reviews, I just share the love, so if you mention me, he will probably shrug 😉 LOL









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