Share Your Testimony, Win a Kilo!

March 9, 2017

I am offering up a big giveaway. The catch is you will have to “work” for it for this one. I have a kilo of the Kaleidoscope Blend by Kaleidoscope Botanicals. We also have a cause to support to help avoid kratom from being banned. All testimonies help! Your voice should be heard. Please support your testimony via my facebook group’s page for your entry. Testimony will not be rated for all testimonies are strong and powerful! Your name will be entered for a chance to win by a random pick of the hat.

Here are some important guidelines to remember when writing your testimony:

  1. Be honest, but try to follow the proper lingo. DEA is picky as hell and will look for ANYTHING to twist in their favor, even your words. Be sure to follow the simple guidelines BEA provides tips to ensure your testimony is heard with open ears and above reproach.
  2. Share personal pics. Share medical, hospital, scans, etc. of images to add to the visual effect of your testimony.
  3. Share your testimony on social media with the proper hashtags for your name to be entered more than once! Must say where you shared it so it can be confirmed. (Use hashtags: #stopkratomban #kratomunited #savekratom #kratomsaveslives, and any more you know about).
  4. Attach these images below to your testimony for extra pizzazz 🙂
  5. Share this with friends and family and encourage them to do this as well.
  6. Read some other testimonies shared to get inspired!

Click to enlarge it and download it.

The ban is always a possibility. Even marijuana cannot avoid scares sometimes, and they have battled their war for much longer than we have with our plant. We shouldn’t come together as one to fight a battle for only a month or so because of a scare. We need to STAY together, fighting and sparing time out of our day to share something for the cause. If your life has changed because of kratom, then you know it’s worth sharing a post every now and in throughout the week to get the good image of it and all it does out there, continually.

Here are tips on posting on twitter if you don’t know how:

How to tweet
Giveaway starts NOW and will last for a week, so get those entries in over at Holistic News and Reviews! Again, earn more entry points by sharing on social media (tell me where you shared so we can confirm) and sharing with friends and family via you facebook profile/page/group.



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