Why Not Buy From A Farmer Directly?

March 15, 2017

I know, I’m sorry. Many vendors may hate me for posting this article, but it all reality, it is a sweet reminder that they need to get off their high horse and realize that kratom is available to all of us so when the price gouging happens, people can avoid those douchebags. They can make their own special blends and shop in bulk, not necessarily from farmers, but from reputable bulk kratom dealers–and THAT is what this article is going to be about….giving people the power to choose how they want to spend their money on kratom.

I have been known in the beginning for creating some awesome blends using strains purchased from a variety of vendors. For example:

The Kratom buzzGo it-Go Diet Supplementthe-enlightened-%e2%80%a8blend%e2%80%a8

These are some special blends that I put together to make some really good stuff. I even put together a book of blends! You can download it >> Buzz Worthy Blends ebook.

Now back to my point, you can buy BULK and create these types of blends yourself instead of paying higher prices for special blends you can do yourself!

But you can’t trust farmers! I’ve lost thousands of dollars buying overseas! Sometimes it could get confiscated!

Yeah, I know. BUT there are obviously good farmers out there or people from AKA wouldn’t have visited, nor would any of these vendors have businesses….

Nevertheless, here are the steps to take if you want to avoid high vendor prices from those pop-up vendor shops:

  1. Buy in bulk, create your own recipes/blend. The only person I have found with AMAZING top shelf kratom for cheap bulk prices thus far is Greg Hernandez. I personally plan on buying a kilo of each strain/blend he has and start making my blends!
  2. Get to know your farmers! Join some of the kratom groups that vendors are a part of, where they shop around for farmers. Like:
    1. Kratom Country Indonesia
    2. The Kratom Collective
    3. Wholesale US Kratom
    4. Kratom Market Place
    5. Green Herbal Kratom Suppliers
    6. The Kratom Social (my fav)
    7. Kratom Indonesia Borneo
  3. But be sure to watch our for the spammers and research these people before you drop cash!
    1. Private Eye on Kratom
    2. The Kratom Social (You can learn a lot here)
  4. Or see if you can score some free kratom!
    1. Free Kratom Market

With anything, you really need to be selective and do a lot of research. That goes without saying. Read some comments, browse their pages/connections, ask around in a sly way, lol.

Remember, these people use all kinds of strains to create blends you love…. No reason why you can’t do the recipe yourself! Browse through my recipes and get inspired!

And if you’re really loving and benefiting from kratom, be sure to donate and give back for the cause! before it’s taken from us.

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