Two Things That Annoy Me

March 16, 2017

  1. I’ve been around the community going on two years now…. Good lord I’ve seen everything within a short period of time because of my openness and honesty. I can tell you that what I have found annoying is not so much the petty bitches, but rather the new pop-up vendors that are amped and excited to get their business off the floor when they are clueless of the details as well as the competition…. That is annoying because they are unrealistic and arrogant. They hear about kratom and an opportunity to buy and sell and they act like they were the first person to figure out and think “Hey! I could get rich off of this!” There is nothing wrong with motivating yourself like that– but come humbly because like every business/company, you WILL fail eventually on a few things. That is just the way life is. NO BUSINESS is flawless. 
  2. The second thing that annoys me are people that have their nose in all kinds of groups, looking, smelling, tasting, feeling their way around, trying to grab up any customer they can find and gobble them up. Tis true. I’ve witnessed it, and it’s disgusting. DON’T be that douchebag. It’s painfully clear and obvious. Everyone notices, most are too pussified to call you out on it. I have enough haters, so I keep my mouth shut so as to avoid more hate mail 😀

Don’t be either of the two if you can avoid it. It’s best to look professional, be kind, speak and debate like an adult, be realistic to the way the world works (especially in business), and don’t steal.



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