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March 19, 2017

Let’s talk about verbiage amongst the community. There are many that get offended if I use the word euphoric or speak openly of the benefits that I’m receiving from said kratom strain. Most of the sensitivity people express (and demand from another) I do not approve of for my own personal small opinion because I think it is a bit much and could be construed as overbearing like that annoying grammatical error grammar check douche that haunts every blog there are out there. It is not that I am illiterate or uneducated. Au contraire. I’m a busy woman and never proofread my blog posts/kratom stuff while I talk into my phone and it types for me. It’s not my fault that Siri didn’t understand which “there” I was using. But that is not my point here for this post. I’m coming to you finding a happy middle ground to agree with many that have issues with the way certain things are worded in the community. So let me proceed with my point:

It is important and I’ve said it many times that we accept that there are many demographics of people in this community from all different types of lives and pasts. It’s important to acknowledge the educated college professor who benefits from kratom just as much as the ex-drug addict that turned his life around and impacting many. However, the grand majority of content used when describing their lives with Kratom circles around the verbiage that would be used for taking street drug substance. For example:

I use kratom too!

I am on kratom.

have done kratom.

Does anyone else get a headache when they are on kratom?

Whenever I have done kratom, I get the sweats.


I will quote a kratom friend from the community who has been such an insightful man that has motivated me and taught me so much in such a short period of time:

“The community at large is struggling to establish itself as a legitimate group of people who are seeking to take advantage of one of natures gifts in the form of Kratom. The community is struggling to identify itself as people from all walks of life who prefer to get their medication from a natural source as opposed to an Rx that has been created in a lab which has many unintended side effects. […] It is critical to control the message (we are sending out). It’s counterproductive to have others using lingo that is usually used with street drugs.”

However, you cannot force someone to communicate a certain way. All you can do is be an example to the community, and show what needs to be shown in the forefront. So if you want the community to be a massive gossip, bitch pool of people, then be a gossiping bitch. If you want the community to take it serious and realize the benefits and impact it could have on people who are suffering with ailments, then live above reproach. Stay out of jail, keep your record clean, act with proper decorum.

I am writing up something similar to the Kratom Bible, where it talks about ALL of the different walks of life people come from, along with the terminology one should use if they are wanting to support and help others find a natural alternative to prescriptions and street drugs. It will be somewhat of an educational piece that will have many quoted, many ideas shared, and many facts given for any newbie or even veteran to freshen up their knowledge of this cause many of us are fighting for.

So be expecting that soon.

Until then, realize that if you are going to open up your mouth to correct someone and suggest they change their lingo, you better have yourself “situated” as well. Say the truth (your opinion) in love. You will catch more bees with honey. I can go on with the metaphors; they’re endless.






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