Respect for Groups, Gossiping and More

March 28, 2017

*WARNING: If you hate vulgarity, don’t read this blog post.

Proper etiquettes are hard to come by these days. So allow me to clearly display the proper way to behave and communicate via Facebook groups and pages:

  1. If you’re going to be in someone’s group, don’t bash the group owner (dumbass). I’ve heard some pretty dumb redneck bullshit recently in my own group by spouses of vendors and other embarrassing human beings bashing ME in my own group….. LMAO. Shut up before you embarrass yourself (They were just sticking around to screenshot shit and be the bitch boy for another group. How embarrassing). Have enough respect for yourself to leave if you don’t like what you see.
  2. Don’t start a debate and then skip out (pussy). Makes you look weak. It’s rude, and it shows that you are closed minded. Debate like an adult, share your opinion and accept another’s.
  3. If you’re going to have an opinion about another, make sure you already told that person what your opinion is of them. I NEVER talk shit behind ANYONE’S back. I make sure to ALWAYS go to the source FIRST and let them know where I stand, to debate them properly, sometimes publically :), and clear the air if possible. If they refuse to answer your questions or see reason or debate respectfully, then having a strong opinion on said person is acceptable. You already did the respectful thing and confronted them. Good job! You have balls.
  4. You don’t agree, just leave. You are not forced to stay in a group nor continue to be a part of the things they are involved in. You don’t approve, leave. Don’t bother to say WHY you’re leaving because odds are they won’t give a fuck. I know for me and my group, I don’t care about numbers nor attention.
  5. You know you can agree to disagree, right?….

Have respect for your fellow man’s opinion. Debate like an adult, or consider yourself a closed minded pussy that spews an opinion but hypocritically doesn’t accept the opinion of another, aka this generation….. Don’t be like this generation.



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