I Have Balls….As Long As I’m Safe Behind My Computer/Cellphone

March 29, 2017

Some people make me laugh pretty hard, especially on social media. You know, those badasses talking all the shit, having a strong opinion and acting like they have no filter, yet get them in person and it is a whole different story. The problem with being a badass on social media is that you cannot prove that you are one in “real life”. You have to convince us and MANY of you do a FABULOUS job at that 🙂

For those of you victimized by these little people hiding behind their facebook app, talking you down and being rude and threatening, just remember….you can google their location quite easily. Being a professional as I am, I know these things and have had to research myself. Keep in mind that “threats” of any kind are illegal and can be prosecuted, even cyber threats. I will be more than happy to encourage you to use your right when needed by clicking here and contacting your local county court. You do not have to put up with these cyber ass fucks who think they are holier than though while they hide behind their little phone but would be all too easy to debate and shrink down in person. You simply have to own your rights and worth. Do your research. Humble these assholes.

Alas, just remember to be the bigger person. Remember that people quick to cyber bully are 99.9% of the time weak asses in person. You have no idea how many times I went directly to them, calm, with FACTS and they back down like putty. Arguing back will void your report so don’t do that either. Talk down to them if anything else because people like this are definitely below you.







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