Getting Through Your Work Week w/ BRB Blends – Featuring HNR, Shaunna Kay

April 6, 2017

Getting Through Your Work Week w/ #BRB Blends – Featuring #HNR, Shaunna Kay.

Getting the week started, I sought out a white blend amongst the many I got from Breezy Trees Botanicals. After all, energy and motivation are the two key things the majority of us need to get the day going, let alone a MONday.

Silver Sands: My go-to pick me up, jolt me forward and let a unicorn lick me–that shit is AMAZING! Watch my review here:

Now Tuesday, I wanted some a little tamer, but just as motivating. I tried the Rose Gold. I live with nerve damage so having a blend that helps with that type of pain is AMAZING, and hard to find. This blend worked better for that pain then the Silver Sands (it’s mainly reds so that makes sense that it would). Watch the review!

Wednesday = Green Marlin. I instantly think of marlin the fish from Finding Nemo! But I do not think that was what they were thinking when they named this blend. Marlin is like the best of ALL WORLDS! Mood lifting, energetic, pain relieving, and focused. A LITTLE bit of all of those things was what Marlin produced.

Wednesday night I took the lovely Red Snapper and boy did that sweep me off my feet like a damsel in distress, flying away to la la land where my lover boy would caress my hair for hours, four hours to be precise. What a WONDERFUL blend to end the day with. Comforting feeling, calming, your mind will be on cloud 9 and everything will seem perfect. Your mentality will be uplifted and you will not be stressing about the troubles from that day nor the inevitable tomorrow.  Pain coverage WAS AWESOME. Covered 80% of my nerve pain, which is hard to cover.

Thursday is took Red Starfish. I was told that this was not like a SUPER strong red, so I took it the first thing that day because I wanted something relaxing. I had received shitty news so I was majorly depressed and usually reds help the best with relaxing your mind, relieving your pain and taking those bricks off your brain that weigh you down. This did ALL OF THAT and then some. Another amazing red blend for me to praise. At this point, I was speechless and asked them WHERE they got their blends (They made them themselves). Ok, then WHAT FARMER!? That dude’s amazing! Whatever he’s doing, make sure he doesnt stop!

Friday: Now the best of the best of the best of everything I received was this one…… The Green Iguana. OMG. I WISH I could have stuck with this one every time, but I knew my tolerance levels would be messed up if I did. It made me feel like the happiest girl alive! No worries! No troubles! No pain! No issues! A real genuine “f-you” attitude of confidence. Man I love this one.

Saturday/Sunday: Red Snapper and Tropic Thunder were two that were very similar in effects so I’m reviewing them together in this post. They reminded me of the Green Marlin, which is awesome because that one was awesome too. I am able to take blends that are amazing without having to worry about taking them back to back. I can switch them up and keep my tolerance levels consistent. Motivating, good pain relief, good smooth energy and happy happy feeling, but only slightly. A bit of everything but not in an intense way.

All of these strains required only HALF of my average dosing size and kicked in within five minutes. They ALL lasted longer than 4 hours! I was so freakin impressed that they will now be my new set of blends in my weekly scheduled. Mind you, I neve take the same one day by day. I switch them and gap them out so as to avoid tolerance levels switching up on me. YOU WILL LOVE THEM, 100% GUARANTEED you will fall in love!


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