A Friendly Reminder

April 22, 2017

A friendly reminder with me, when it comes to me, it’s all about business. When I welcomed John Dee and others, its business. I dont jump in bed emotionally like so many others do. He could be the biggest asshole on the planet and I could care less. I have thick skin and hes a smart business asshole. Working in the corporate world gives me a different viewpoint on these things and people will not understand that. I do business! with kratom vendors. Take me and Billy Weaver for example, we may not like each other, but I still reviewed his shit and it was great, and those reviews are still up for the world to read. BUSINESS IS BUSINESS. I am not in a personal relationship with any of these people. My beef with NACU is because they still have yet to tell me why I was blocked. That is unprofessional and for those people who back them up, I expect more professionalism and maturity. And yes, when you see me “adminning” for certain vendors, guess what, they are putting MONEY IN MY POCKET, WE ARE DOING BUSINESS! It’s none of your business to wonder why Shaunna is an admin for Breezy Tress or Kats KShop. Quit being a busy body and get a life. You seriously dont know who the hell i am, so it’s best to take the knowledge and free shit I give away and be mature and stop the gossip and pondering. THANK YOU. That is all.


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The Seasons of Blessings

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Lilith. Adam’s First Wife?

Perhaps that is why you enjoy reading my thoughts on things like this, because I’m honest. I say it the way it is. I’m not afraid to call out the shit in the Bible that I find confusing, yet still love God and believe in Jesus (and say shit without feeling bad).

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The Benefits of Red Light Therapy

here is not a moment where I am not feeling pain somewhere throughout my body. I literally have the body of an 80-year-old lady, and it’s just getting worse because there is no cure to the disease that is deteriorating my cartilage and joints. For years, I’ve mastered physical therapy techniques, gotten acupuncture, and pursued natural alternatives because living on prescriptions is not a permanent option that I will take. Another form of natural therapy I do often is Red Light Therapy. It is one of many things that help me control my chronic illnesses.

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