Herbal Cafe Organics – A New Client & Review

April 23, 2017

Talk about class…Everything about Herbal Cafe Organics is classy and sophisticated. From their packaging fabric bags to their professional websites throughout the inter web, they know how to display a product to entice and please a kratom vendor. If you have not yet tried them, hopefully after this review, you might consider.


The wording was perfectly laid out and clear, without the need for the use of “lingo” to hide what kratom really is, an herb. The quality matched the look without fail, giving you  the benefits each strain is known for.

Though I needed my usual dose of two spoonfuls, it kicked in fast (after five minutes) and lasted for hours, providing a steady dose of calmness and mental relaxation throughout the day.

The powder texture was just how I like it, moldable fine powder that I can shape into a perfect flat condensed ball on a spoon to do my toss and wash with ease. I had neck surgery a couple years ago, which permanently effected my esophagus. Texture is a big thing for me as a consumer. The farmer nailed it for them.


Green Dragon was a green strain blend that provided a slight euphoric mental upper mode as well as good pain coverage (not like a red, but great for a green blend). It gave me a steady motivated energy that enabled me to tackle dinner instead of hiding in my bedroom, hoping time would pass without the family noticing mom wasn’t in the kitchen cooking. I was exhausted and unmotivated until I took Green Dragon.

I like to mix my strains and blends frequently, so this one will definitely be added to my long list of blends I love and return to. The company and everything about them was professional and inspiring. I love seeing vendors with their stuff together like this, promising something with a classy image.

I look forward to working more with this company as a freelance graphic designer for their spontaneous design needs.


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