Out Growing Facebook

April 26, 2017

Eventually you put your phone down and take a deep breath, you look around you and realize there is a big world out there that needs your attention. I am at that point now in my relationship with Facebook where I am putting her down more and more and realizing she is a waste of time (most of the time). The kratom community is full of too many gossiping people that look for shit, that are quick to condemn you and stake you to a cross, and gossip about you to the rest of the community. It’s honestly disgusting. I witness it every day. It’s simply only a matter of time before you’re next on the shitting block. You better get thick skin and prep your comeback phrases because shit’s about to go down whether you want it to or not. Doesn’t matter if you are guilty or innocent, asking for it or if it was a massive misunderstanding–it doesn’t matter; you’re screwed. There is no internet mercy……and I’m tired of it.

Maybe it’s my age that disallows me to continue to put up with it. Maybe it’s the amount of value I put in my personal life and world around me, outside of Facebook, that enables me to drop my phone easily lately.

It is the one that is NOT involved in every little thing that truly has an impact on kratom and the world. It is those people that holds their maturity and keeps their mouth shut that makes kratom look good. It’s the one that chooses kratom over any street drug, that takes the fight serious and doesn’t partake in the latest gossip that will move mountains. And yes, we are outnumbered.

I am realizing that no matter what I do……the community will continue to go the way it’s going…. And I give up. I’m burnt out. There are too many other things in my life that deserves this much attention. I want to encourage you all to give those other things more attention than Facebook and this kratom community. Perhaps ignoring it is exactly what this community needs.

Lets all take a little break.


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