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April 30, 2017

Hello everyone, today I am reviewing Justin Kat’s CBD Isolate. Right now the only place to order is very PM with Justin Kats. Soon he will be launching a brand new website.

CBD Isolate: $65 a gram $35 for half a gram. Comes in 4 flavors. Sour Diesel, Chemdawg, Sunset Sherbet, and Grand Daddy Purple.

I tried the Sunset Sherbet.

I placed a little under my tongue and washed it down with something to drink. Within five minutes it kicked it strong. Euphoric and wonderful! Lasting hours into the day, tackling my stress levels and dropping them down fast as well as covering a big chunk of my nerve pain that was starting to get the best of me this morning. The fact that it lasted all day was a major plus for me. It made me feel like such a happy person, a big part of that was the fact I was almost pain-free (nerve pain it hard to treat 100%). I was positive and uplifted for 5 hours before I even thought about taking more.

You should DEFINITELY try some of his if you havent yet. The stuff is absolutely amazing for a CBD product.


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